O2B Kids

Parent Night Out is an Evening of Fabulous Activities for Kids 6 to 13 Years Old

Led by our O2B Play Leaders, kids will enjoy a fun evening where they get to make choices about where to play! There's awesome activities, group games, free play fun, a themed movie and more! A hot cooked dinner is ALWAYS included!

  • Join Us from 6pm to 10pm

  • First Friday Every Month

  • For Kids 6 to 13 Years Old

  • Hot Cooked Dinner is Included

  • Members: $15
    Non-Members: $25


Whether You Need a Date Night...or a Quiet Night on the Couch…Bring Your Kids to Parent Night Out!

Monthly Dates & Themes

OK Parents…Your Kids Want to Visit Us! Really, They Do!

So load up your kids and their friends and bring the crew to O2B! Every month offers a new themed experience!

O2B Kids

January 6

New Year! New You!

O2B Kids

February 3

Sweetheart Party

O2B Kids

March 3

Super Science & Phreaky Physics

O2B Kids

April 7

O2B Green! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

O2B Kids

May 5

Cinco de Mayo

O2B Kids

June 2

The Greatest Showman Circus

O2B Kids

July 7

Every day is a Holiday

O2B Kids

August 4

Back to School Bash

O2B Kids

September 1

Minute to Win It Games Galore

O2B Kids

October 6

Spooky, Creepy & Crawly

O2B Kids

November 3

O2B Kind!

O2B Kids

December 1

Merry Grinchmas

Play Village Fun

During Parent Night Out, Your Kids Will Enjoy Neighborhood Time in Our Play Village.

The first hour of Parent Night Out is Neighborhood Time! A time to give kids a choice of things to do – just as they would experience in a safe neighborhood of yester-year! Whether it’s dressing up in the Costume Corner, racing through the Big Toy or constructing a castle in Building Things, kids let their imaginations run wild in our Play Village.

Play Village Rooms

Big Toy

Book Nook

Building Things

Mind Gym

Hollywood Hangout

Play Cafe

Play Market

Word Find

It Takes Two

Toddler Play

Science Lab

Art Studio

Tech Lab


Dance Studio

Karate Dojo

Gymnastics Academy

Sample Schedule

While every Parent Night Out is slightly different and provides a thematic flair, we keep the FUN and VARIETY flowing throughout the evening.

  • 6:00pm PNO begins!
    Neighborhood Time!
  • 6:45pm Wash Hands & Prepare for Dinner.
  • 7:00pm Family Style Dinner & Hang Out!
  • 7:45pm Fun areas are staffed!
    Kids choose where to play!
  • 8:00pm Cafe is open for purchases!
  • 8:45pm Cafe closes.
    New areas are staffed! Kids choose where to play!
  • 9:00pm Themed Movie option for kids who want to rest or relax.
  • 10:00pm Time to go home!
    See You Next Month!

Safety & Security

Your Child’s Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety Begins with Our Building

Security of the facility and safety for your children is our primary focus. Our facility entrance is secured by a keypad-controlled door lock and is monitored at all times by staff members and security cameras. Additional cameras are placed throughout the building and are digitally recorded. Windows are placed in all rooms to allow open viewing into all internal spaces within the building.

We Hire the Best Staff

A comprehensive, three-interview staff selection process ensures that only the best are employed at O2B Kids. Criminal background checks are completed on all employees at the local, state and federal level prior to employment.

Proprietary Software Manages Child Check-in

Every visitor to O2B Kids is checked in and out using our proprietary “Beekeeper” software system on every visit. In our Supercenter locations, we use a color-coded wristband security system that manages guest traffic and matches children to adults at entry and exit. No child is allowed to enter or leave the facility without the presence of an adult caregiver.

Our Building

  • Secured Entry
  • Video-Monitored Classrooms
  • Open Classrooms with Large Windows
  • Door Alarms
  • Computer Check-in
  • Staffed Reception Desk
  • First Aid Kits
  • Tamper Proof Electrical Outlets
  • Age Appropriate Toys & Furnishings

Our Staff

  • Three-Stage Interview Process
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • CPR & 1st Aid Certified
  • O2B Kids ProStart Training
  • State Child Care Training Course – 40 Hours
  • Annual In-Service Training – 40 Hours

Our Policies

  • Facility Lockdown & Fire Drills
  • Staff Uniforms & Name Tags
  • Wristband Security
  • Outside Agency Inspections – Department of Children & Families, Fire Inspector, Early Learning Coalition, Episcopal Children’s Services and our Accrediting Agency
  • Open Door Policy for Parents – Visit Anytime

Current Parent Night Out Locations

O2B Kids programs vary by location and although we’re growing, we’re not everywhere yet! We currently provide Parent Night Out in our Supercenter locations:

O2B Kids

Altamonte Springs(Florida)

O2B Kids

Fleming Island (Jacksonville)

O2B Kids


O2B Kids


How to Register for Parent Night Out

If you are current Member at O2B Kids you can pre-register using the Parent Portal.
If you’ve never attended a program at O2B Kids before, you can call O2B Kids to pre-register BEFORE Friday or bring a completed Child Information Sheet with you to Parent Night Out. Click the link below and bring the completed form with you for speedier Parent Night Out check-in.



When is Parent Night Out?

Parent Night Out is the FIRST Friday of each month from 6pm-10pm! *The only exception is if we’re closed for a Holiday. If so, PNO will occur the following Friday.

Who can attend Parent Night Out?

Members and Non Members 6 years and up, may attend Parent Night Out. We LOVE to welcome new guests!

What is the price of Parent Night Out?

Members are $15 Non Members are $25

What does Parent Night Out include?

Guests will enjoy themed activities, group games, a hot cooked dinner and evening snack!

What type of activities do you do during the evening?

Activities vary, but can include group games, science fun, awesome art, rock room, dance party, experiments, outside adventures, movie watching, computer or tech lab, and more!

Can my child bring a friend?

We invite your child to bring a friend (6 years and up) at any time. If the guest is not a member, there is a form to be filled out for participation. Visit the Parent Night Out section of our website to print the form and have it pre-filled prior to drop off.
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How to join our O2B Kids Family

Programs vary by location. Discover the options near you!

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