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How O2B Kids in Palencia Academy Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten Success

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Regarding successful curriculum, O2B Kids in Palencia Academy is the perfect place for your child to be prepared for kindergarten. We believe every child is unique and deserves to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, our curriculum is designed specifically for preschoolers to help them develop the skills they need for kindergarten and beyond. We offer a wide range of programs covering social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development — all delivered by our highly experienced teachers passionate about early childhood education. In addition, we intensely focus on character development, which we believe is essential for success in school and life. Learn more about our childcare programs today!

Improved Communication Skills

At O2B Kids in Palencia Academy, we introduce new songs and stories to help with language development and discuss various topics such as science and nature, health and nutrition, professions, and job duties. We want your child to understand the world around them and label things accordingly. Additionally, we talk about letters and numbers, so everything starts coming together for them!

Heightened Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Regarding life-valued skills, O2B Kids in Palencia Academy helps your child think critically and problem-solve. We use daily activities such as puzzles, blocks, and games to help build these skills. With our preschool curriculum, your child can easily make connections between facts and ideas. Developing critical thinking skills will help your child in grade school and serve as a quintessential backbone for upper education and whichever career they choose to follow. Then, when demands for problem-solving and providing solutions come their way, they will have a dependable skill to always rely on.

Values in Cooperation

The Palencia Academy daycare understands the importance of cooperation and teamwork. Therefore, our childcare programs emphasize working together, problem-solving as a team, and respecting each other’s ideas. We also introduce sharing activities such as puzzles, games, and art projects so your child can learn how to collaborate with others. To be successful while they are in kindergarten, children must have the ability to communicate with their peers effectively. In addition, it can be challenging for new kids to share resources with classmates. Still, at O2B Kids in Palencia Academy, we duplicate materials and toys, which helps avoid conflict among young toddlers. This builds concepts of taking turns, fairness, and cooperative learning that help create an understanding of shared experiences and mutual growth.

Better Motor Skills

At Palencia Academy preschool, we understand the importance of physical activity for child development. We have multiple programs that involve movement to help with coordination and balance. Our childcare activities include sports such as soccer, basketball, and kickball to help your child stay active while having fun! If you’re looking for a child care center that can prepare your child’s kindergarten success, look no further than O2B Kids in Palencia Academy! Contact us today to learn more about our curriculum and how it can benefit your child.

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