O2B Kids

Our Core Purpose

We exist to help parents grow happy, successful kids. O2B Kids is a place that opens minds, improves self-confidence, develops social skills, and strengthens bodies. O2B Kids helps children discover hidden talents and promotes a passion for discovery. Friendships are developed and life lessons are learned. O2B Kids encourages kids to try new things and teaches a respect for people, property and ideas.


Major Company Milestones

  • 1998 First O2B Kids Supercenter Location Opens in Gainesville, FL
  • 2003 2nd Location Opens
  • 2004 3rd & 4th Locations Open
  • 2006 5th & 6th Locations Open & O2B Enters the Jacksonville, FL Market
  • 2013 Beekeeper Management Software is Developed & Launched
  • 2015 7th Location Opens & O2B Enters the Orlando, FL Market
  • 2016 Funnydaffer Curriculum Software is Developed & Launched
  • 2017 8th Location Opens
  • 2018 O2B Kids Serves as Operating Partner for the Child Center
  • 2018 O2B Kids Partners with Spire Capital
  • 2019 Honeycomb Communication Software is Developed & Launched
  • 2019 O2B Acquires 10 Preschools in St. Augustine, Palm Beach & Atlanta
  • 2020 O2B Kids Completely Rebranded and Launched a New Website

In the year 1992, two best friends, Andy Sherrard and Danny Stevens, embarked on a one-year journey around the world in search of adventure and excitement...and the meaning of life! During their travels, across oceans and continents, the pair discovered that even at the ripe old age of 25 they were living everyday “learning through play.” The concept sparked in each of them a deep interest in education...and they excitedly returned home to the swamps of Gainesville, Florida to begin planning the ultimate learning environment for kids.

The simple goal of this "new learning playground" was to help children find undiscovered passions, develop important life-skills, make new friends and experience daily laughter on their way to becoming responsible, respectful citizens of our world! No ordinary environment would do. An education “SuperCenter” would be needed - combining a magical play village for unscripted funanigans together with an organized calendar of daily classes - from the arts & sciences to fitness & fun - for specific skill development.

In 1998, the two dreamers saw their vision realized with the opening of the very first 34,000 square-foot O2B Kids SuperCenter. It was a grand celebration with over 1,000 O2B Kids members discovering the original concept of “learning through play.”

With the help of generous investors and a dedicated staff, O2B Kids grew...and grew...and grew. And, we aren’t done yet! We look forward to putting an ever-growing number of children and communities on the path to their very own "…happily ever after."

Welcome to the new learning playground!

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Our Manifesto

We believe in kids. We believe a child’s job is to learn how to become a responsible, respectful, future citizen of our world.

We believe in learning by doing. We believe in trying new things. We believe in temporary failure and glorious success.

We believe in doing our best. Perfect is boring. Different is beautiful. Imagination is supreme.

We believe in getting dirty. Messy play is more fun than clean play.

We believe in respecting others, making friends, and laughing at ourselves.

We believe in emotion. We believe tears leave our body to find happy thoughts. We believe in joy.

We believe in learning from our mistakes...eventually. A bad decision is better than not making one. Learn from it.

We believe in booboo's, uh oh's, oops, and all better. We believe in skinned knees and dirty t's.

We believe in exercise. Sweat is the body celebrating effort. Running is freedom. Stopping is...painful.

We believe in grape juice smiles and spilled milk. We believe in cleaning up.

We believe in nature. Our planet is a gift. It's our responsibility to take care of it.

We believe in the individual. We control our own actions, thoughts, and words. Nobody else. Exercise this freedom with respect.

We believe in love. Everyday we should play. Everyday we should learn. Hugs are really, really great. So is ice cream.

We believe in choice. We believe in discovery. We believe in living every day as if it were our first. Read. Laugh. Dance.

We believe in the future. Leave no traces. Make good choices. Dream big dreams. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Be anything you want to be.

We believe in kids.

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Giving Back

O2B Kids Founders’ Club Scholarships

Each year, O2B Kids awards Preschool, Afterschool and Membership Scholarships to children who inspire us - helping these kids grow into responsible, respectful citizens of our world.

These scholarships are named in honor of O2B Kids employees who have worked with the company for ten years or more. To date, more than $160,000 in scholarships have been awarded and this number will continue to grow as new Fun Crew members are inducted into our ten-year Founder’s Club!

This year, we’ll award 59 scholarships totaling $29,500. Applications will be accepted in September and awarded in November.

O2B a Kid Again

This annual FUNdraiser supports the public school systems in the communities we serve. It’s a Grown-up’s Day to Play – the only day of the year that we open our facility only for adults! Live music, a huge silent auction, a bar-b-q dinner and many crazy games help adults remember the joy of childhood – in one special evening. This annual event has raised over $500,000 for our local public schools.

Parent Night Out Fundraisers

We host Parent Night Fundraisers for local charities, schools and civic organizations. Each event is themed and a portion of every child’s admission is donated to the participating organization.

Community Events & School Carnivals

Our face-painters and balloon artists are a mainstay at local festivals, school carnivals, art shows and fundraising events. It’s a great way to connect with the community and touch the lives of children.

Community Service

Our employees participate in the United Way campaign, volunteer in our local schools, and serve as board members on many local non-profit organizations.

Even Our Kids Give Back

Each year our students raise money and contribute to charities of their choice as well. Over the years, we’ve raised and donated money to the local Humane Societies, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital, UNICEF and the Red Cross. Our kids frequently organize and contribute to canned food drives, book drives and teddy bear collections as well!

Awards & Recognition

Over the years, we've been recognized by our community for the work that we do. Some of these honors are highlighted below.

  • Nationally Accredited School

    Association for Early Learning Leaders

  • O2B Kids' 20th Birthday

  • Nationally Accredited School

    Association for Early Learning Leaders

  • Nationally Accredited School

    Association for Early Learning Leaders

  • Best Customer Service

    Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Work of Heart Award

    United Way

  • Spirit of Gainesville Award for Entrepreneur-ship

    Gainesville Sun

  • Commissioner's Business Recognition Award

    Florida Department of Education

  • Fastest Growing Education Company

    Inc. Magazine

  • Top Five Best Places to Work

    Jax Hot List

  • Business of the Year

    Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Work of Heart Award

    United Way

  • Commissioner's Business Recognition Award

    Florida Department of Education

  • Work of Heart Award

    United Way

Technology Innovators

In addition to implementing innovative programs and curriculum in the classroom, we've developed three cloud-based software platforms. Beekeeper helps us manage our day-to-day operations, Honeycomb keeps us connected to parents with daily reports and special moments, and Funnydaffer is a complete curriculum and lesson plan database. Currently, Funnydaffer is an approved curriculum by the Florida Department of Education Office of Early Learning as a School Readiness Curriculum and is available for other schools to use throughout the world!
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  • O2BKids

Safety & Security

Your Child’s Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety Begins with Our Building

Security of the facility and safety for your children is our primary focus. Our facility entrance is secured by a keypad-controlled door lock and is monitored at all times by staff members and security cameras. Additional cameras are placed throughout the building and are digitally recorded. Windows are placed in all rooms to allow open viewing into all internal spaces within the building.

We Hire the Best Staff

A comprehensive, three-interview staff selection process ensures that only the best are employed at O2B Kids. Criminal background checks are completed on all employees at the local, state and federal level prior to employment.

Proprietary Software Manages Child Check-in

Every visitor to O2B Kids is checked in and out using our proprietary “Beekeeper” software system on every visit. In our Supercenter locations, we use a color-coded wristband security system that manages guest traffic and matches children to adults at entry and exit. No child is allowed to enter or leave the facility without the presence of an adult caregiver.

Our Building

  • Secured Entry
  • Video-Monitored Classrooms
  • Open Classrooms with Large Windows
  • Door Alarms
  • Computer Check-in
  • Staffed Reception Desk
  • First Aid Kits
  • Tamper Proof Electrical Outlets
  • Age Appropriate Toys & Furnishings

Our Staff

  • Three-Stage Interview Process
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • CPR & 1st Aid Certified
  • O2B Kids ProStart Training
  • State Child Care Training Course – 40 Hours
  • Annual In-Service Training – 40 Hours

Our Policies

  • Facility Lockdown & Fire Drills
  • Staff Uniforms & Name Tags
  • Wristband Security
  • Outside Agency Inspections – Department of Children & Families, Fire Inspector, Early Learning Coalition, Episcopal Children’s Services and our Accrediting Agency
  • Open Door Policy for Parents – Visit Anytime

How to join our O2B Kids Family

Programs vary by location. Discover the options near you!

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