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O2B Kids
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Oh, Yes We Did!

Our Family Membership provides...

Hundreds of Weekly Classes for Kids

In ONE PLACE for Parents


Member Benefits
For Kids 0 to 13 Years Old

The O2B Kids Family Membership provides over 100 weekly classes for kids in ONE LOCATION for parents, for ONE ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE! Families also enjoy unlimited daily visits to our Play Village, dynamic Special Events and FREE two-hour drop-off care EVERY DAY for children six years and older. Sound good? Join our family today!

Over 100 Weekly Program Calendar Classes

Gymnastics, Dance, Karate, Cheerleading, Music, Art, Drama, Science, Technology, Sports, Language & More!

Play Groups

Morning Magic & Brighter Babies

Free Two-Hour Drop-Off Care Daily

For Children 6 to 13 Years Old after 3pm on weekdays and all-day on Saturday ($10 per hour on visits exceeding two-hours)

Free Special Events

Eggstravaganza & Spooktakular!

Discounts On Premier Programs

Birthday Parties & Parent Night Out

Multiple Child Discounts

Membership, Preschool, Afterschool & Summer Camp

Unlimited Daily Visits & "Neighborhood" Time

Enjoy Free Play Fun in our amazing Play Village!

Guaranteed, Locked-In Membership Rate

For the lifetime of your Membership PLUS no Enrollment Fee!

Easy Cancellation

No Long-Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Recitals & Performances

Skillabration, Performing Arts Recital, Art Festival, School Play, Science Fair


Character Education & Neighborhood Time


Nobody Offers More Classes

Our Program Calendar classes are a magical link to the development of self-esteem, social skills, physical fitness, personal discipline and respectful behavior in every child. And they’re FUN!


Experiences Wire The Brain

Neighborhood Time

The greatest teacher of all time is not a person, a classroom or a book. It is the simple act of playing. During play, children learn how to explore, pretend, create, make friends, solve problems, lead, follow, try new things, develop skills and find their passions.

Because O2B Kids believes in the benefits of good old-fashioned free play, we’ve created dedicated play spaces in our buildings and schedule time in each of our programs to simply play!

Whether it’s dressing up in the Costume Corner, racing through the Big Toy, constructing a castle in Building Things, exploding volcanoes in the Science Lab, or creating a masterpiece in the Art Studio, kids let their imaginations run wild in the Play Village.

Learn More

Play Village Rooms

Big Toy

Book Nook

Building Things

Mind Gym

Hollywood Hangout

Play Cafe

Play Market

Word Find

It Takes Two

Toddler Play

Science Lab

Art Studio

Tech Lab


Dance Studio

Gymnastics Academy

Play Venue Intelligence Grid

There are Ten Ways to be Smart!

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on IQ testing, is far too simplistic to truly capture the rich diversity of human potential. In short, this theory suggests that there are ten intelligences, or SMARTS, that each of us can develop. And guess what? Playing in our Play Village gives you and your child an opportunity to develop every intelligence. So be SMART…and come PLAY with us!

  • Movement Games
  • Skill Games
  • Word Games
  • Brain Games
  • Creative Play
  • Construction Play
Art Smart
Word Smart
Math Smart
Body Smart
Music Smart
Nature Smart
Self Smart
People Smart
Wondering Smart
Character Smart
Big Toy
Penny Basketball
Outside Play

Guess What? There Is More 4 U 2 DO!

We can’t help ourselves! We have to keep the fun flowing! To add variety to our days and weeks, we sprinkle in the following activities to keep your kids engaged, happy and excited to come back!

O2B Kids

Adventure Passport

A daily variety of unique Fun Crew led activities.

O2B Kids

Big Toy Time Trials

A Big Toy speed challenge! Parents can play too!

O2B Kids

Hive Hunt

A scavenger hunt riddle-fest is awaiting you!

Current Membership Locations

O2B Kids programs vary by location and although we’re growing, we’re not everywhere yet! We currently provide Membership at our Supercenter locations:

O2B Kids

Altamonte Springs(Orlando)

O2B Kids

Fleming Island (Jacksonville)

O2B Kids

Gainesville (Florida)

O2B Kids

Oviedo (Orlando)


O2B Kids is a Family’s Dream Come True

How to join our O2B Kids Family

Programs vary by location. Discover the options near you!

1Select a Program
  • Preschool
  • Afterschool
  • Membership
  • Programs
2Find Your Nearest
3Schedule a Visit