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Our Parent Communication Tool

Our web-based system can be downloaded to a link on your phone and provides Daily Reports and Special Moments delivered in real time. You can even earn special Achievement Badges that document your child’s journey with us!
  • Daily Reports
  • Special Moments
  • Achievement Badges

Safety & Security

Your Child’s Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety Begins with Our Building

Security of the facility and safety for your children is our primary focus. Our facility entrance is secured by a keypad-controlled door lock and is monitored at all times by staff members and security cameras. Additional cameras are placed throughout the building and are digitally recorded. Windows are placed in all rooms to allow open viewing into all internal spaces within the building.

We Hire the Best Staff

A comprehensive, three-interview staff selection process ensures that only the best are employed at O2B Kids. Criminal background checks are completed on all employees at the local, state and federal level prior to employment.

Proprietary Software Manages Child Check-in

Every visitor to O2B Kids is checked in and out using our proprietary “Beekeeper” software system on every visit. In our Supercenter locations, we use a color-coded wristband security system that manages guest traffic and matches children to adults at entry and exit. No child is allowed to enter or leave the facility without the presence of an adult caregiver.

Our Building

  • Secured Entry
  • Video-Monitored Classrooms
  • Open Classrooms with Large Windows
  • Door Alarms
  • Computer Check-in
  • Staffed Reception Desk
  • First Aid Kits
  • Tamper Proof Electrical Outlets
  • Age Appropriate Toys & Furnishings

Our Staff

  • Three-Stage Interview Process
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • CPR & 1st Aid Certified
  • O2B Kids ProStart Training
  • State Child Care Training Course – 40 Hours
  • Annual In-Service Training – 40 Hours

Our Policies

  • Facility Lockdown & Fire Drills
  • Staff Uniforms & Name Tags
  • Wristband Security
  • Outside Agency Inspections – Department of Children & Families, Fire Inspector, Early Learning Coalition, Episcopal Children’s Services and our Accrediting Agency
  • Open Door Policy for Parents – Visit Anytime

Sniffles, Boo Boos & Biting… OH MY!

While nobody likes to talk about it, let’s face it. It is highly likely that your child will catch a cold or get a booboo if they attend preschool. Any preschool! It is also highly likely that your child will catch a cold or get a booboo if they NEVER attend preschool! Getting bumps & bruises and sniffles & coughs is part of life…even though we don’t like it. So how do we prevent it?

1. We wash our hands…A LOT!

2. We encourage you to wash your child’s hands upon arriving and before leaving school each day

3. We clean up our messes to prevent accidental falls in the classroom

4. We generally have two or more teachers per classroom for improved classroom management

5. We follow an opening & closing checklist to keep our facilities and playgrounds clean & well-maintained

So what about biting? Let’s talk about that too! Biting is one of the most effective forms of communication there is, especially for young children who are just developing language skills. The message is very clearly sent – let go, that’s mine and go away! Your child may be bitten by a friend – yes a true friend – at preschool. But guess what? Your child may also bite a friend even if they’ve never done it before. Either way, it hurts…the biter, the bitee, the teacher, and yes, you the parent. So how do we prevent it?

1. We provide a rich variety of toys and duplicates of the most popular toys

2. We generally have two or more teachers per classroom for improved classroom management

3. Our teachers discuss sharing, taking turns and appropriate play limits with each child

4. Our teachers are focused on reinforcing appropriate behavior by “catching each child doing something right” and then praising that effort with smiles, hugs and attention

5. Our teachers are also on the lookout for signs of frustration, with the goal of redirecting these emotions in a positive way

6. We document all incidents and discuss our plan of action with the parents of all children involved

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Are you a Daycare or a Preschool?

We are a school! We are school that proudly provides all day care! While we take full responsibility for the safety and well-being of your child, education begins at birth. We take the opportunity to incorporate learning into every moment of every day!

How long have your teachers been working at O2B Kids?

Most of our teachers have been at O2B Kids for more than a year. We have many 5 and 10 year employees and more than 50 employees who have been with us for 20 years!

Do your Teachers have Credentials?

Our teachers are required to have their 40 hours and CPR/First Aid within 90 days of employment. Many of our teachers have degrees in education, a Director Credential or CDA.

Is your staff background checked?

Our staff is local, state and federally screened.

Can I watch my child from home on the cameras?

We do not offer this service at all facilities. If a region has this program available, it will be discussed in detail at enrollment.

Will my child move to the next class right after his birthday?

We do not move up on a birthday. We do transition to new rooms twice annually and will communicate to families about when that occurs. Just like the public school system, we use the 9/1 birthday cut off to keep children with their peers. This way, they transition to their new class together at the start of the new school year.

What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick, we encourage you to keep them home until they are symptom free. See our parent handbook “sick policy” for specifics.

Who can pick my child up?

The custodial parent provides caregivers to be listed on the account. All caregivers will be able to pick up. You can make changes in writing to this at any time or online in your parent portal account.

What curriculum do you use?

O2B Kids is proud to have our own curriculum, FD Education. We use it ourselves and have made it available to others. Visit funnydaffer.com for more information!

Are meals included?

A morning snack, fresh hot prepared lunch and afternoon snack is included. Some regions provide a more substantial breakfast. Some locations are on the USDA Food Program.

What time do students eat lunch?

Lunch time varies by age. Begins with infants/one year at 11am and ends with 4-5 year olds around 12:30pm.

Can we bring lunch or snacks to school?

Our Montessori School does not provide lunch onsite, students bring lunch daily. At other locations, if there is a need to bring outside food in, such as; allergies or dietary restrictions, please speak with the Director.

When is nap time and do students have to nap?

Nap time occurs after lunch and diaper/bathroom use. Students do not have to nap, but we do encourage resting. The work we do all day is tiring. We use our brains and play the day away! We encourage taking time to rest when we can. This can include reading a book, laying/sitting quietly on a nap mat, or simply resting our eyes.

What time does the learning start?

We believe that children learn through play! If you come early, we play and learn together, but if you need a bit more time in the morning that is ok too. Circle time usually begins around 9 AM. There, we will explore the letter, number, color, and shape of the month. We will talk about the weather, update our calendar and sing songs. Circle time is a great way to jump-start our day!

Do you give homework or worksheets?

We do not give homework. However, we do encourage continued learning at home and parent involvement.

Do you perform student assessments?

Our assessments include CLASS, ASQ, O2B Kids Assessments, AP1, AP2, AP3 for monitoring VPK progress, and COR Advantage.

Can we drop off any time during the day?

We prefer to have children on-site at school by 8:30am daily. Some VPK Classes start at that time. Circle time in most classes occurs at 9am. We enjoy having students at circle time to discuss the day and set the stage. That being said, we understand that some days are different. If you are going to arrive later than 10am or be absent for school, please call to inform the facility.

Can I stay at school with my child?

We understand that this can be a hard transition. Should you want to stay on-site in the beginning, we can discuss a schedule that would work best. We love parent involvement and volunteering! If you are interested in participating, please speak with the Director.

What are your ratios?

Specific ratio Information can be found in our parent handbook. Please contact our facility for more information.
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