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Looking for an Edu-Taining Field Trip for Your School or Group?

Bring your organization to O2B Kids! We welcome elementary schools, church groups, scout troops & summer camps and can customize an exciting Field Trip just for you!

  • Activities

    Choose 3

  • Trip Length

    Up to 3 Hours

  • Ages

    5 to 11 Years Old

  • Group Size

    10 to 150 Kids

  • Price

    $200 for Up To 40 Kids
    $5 for Each Additional Child

  • Lunch

    $5 Per Child or Bring Your Own


Field Trips are Ideal for Kids 5 to 11 Years Old

Choose Activities to Customize Your Field Trip

The following activities are generally the most popular, but let us know if you’d like us to design a special program or schedule a specific class.

O2B Kids

Neighborhood Time

A free play experience in our Play Village.

O2B Kids

Science Fun

Predict & experiment as you make Gak or Play-Doh or some crazy concoction.

O2B Kids

Imaginative Art

Connect with your creative side as you paint, draw or sculpt.

O2B Kids

Big Toy Time Trials

A tubes & tunnels speed challenge.

O2B Kids

Gym Obstacle Course

Test your balance, dexterity & strength in a wacky Obstacle Course.

O2B Kids

Dance Party

Get your groove on with classic party music & games.

O2B Kids

Hive Hunt

A scavenger hunt riddle-fest in our Play Village.

O2B Kids

Teambuilding Games

A group that plays together stays together :)

O2B Kids

Face Painting

Who do you want to be? We’ll paint it on thee!

O2B Kids

Outdoor Adventures

Climbing structures, sport courts & freedom to run!

O2B Kids

Special Request

We’ll try to accommodate if we can!

Your Field Trip Schedule

While every Field Trip is unique, we generally organize your kids into groups of 20 and rotate through three activities of your choice. Lunch is available for purchase or you may pack lunches and eat on-site as a group. Start and stop times vary by day, season and location. A sample schedule is found below:

  • 9:30am Arrive for Fun
  • 9:45am Activity #1
  • 10:30am Activity #2
  • 11:15am Activity #3
  • 12:00pm Lunch (Optional)
  • 12:30pm Depart with Happy Kids

Play Village Fun

Your Kids will Love Neighborhood Time in Our Play Village!

Neighborhood Time gives your kids a free play experience – just as they would enjoy in a safe neighborhood of yester-year! Whether it’s dressing up in the Costume Corner, preparing a meal in Odie’s Café, racing through the Big Toy, constructing a castle in Building Things or mastering our giant Word Find, kids let their imaginations run wild in our Play Village.

Play Village Rooms

Big Toy

Book Nook

Building Things

Mind Gym

Hollywood Hangout

Play Cafe

Play Market

Word Find

It Takes Two

Toddler Play

Science Lab

Art Studio

Tech Lab


Dance Studio

Karate Dojo

Gymnastics Academy

Field Trip Pricing & Policies

Our Field Trips Include

  • A Three-Hour Customized Experience
  • Three Activities from a Choice of Twelve Options
  • Neighborhood Time in our Play Village
  • Play Leader for Each Group of 20 Kids
  • Optional Lunch Period
  • Wristband Security System


  • $200 for Up to 40 Children
  • $5 for Each Additional Child
  • No Admission Charge for Teachers & Chaperones
  • Optional Lunch Available for $5 per Child


  • Teachers & chaperones must remain in the building while children are present.
  • All guests must check-in and check-out together as a group.
  • Maximum group size is 150 children.
  • A single payment for the entire group is due at check-in on the day of the trip (individual payments are not accepted).
  • Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted. Checks should be made out to O2B Kids.
  • All children must have socks for play in the Big Toy.
  • Lunch is available for purchase on-site with advance notice or you may bring pre-packaged lunches and eat on-site as a group.
  • Field trip times, activities and facility amenities vary by location.

Current Field Trip Locations

O2B Kids programs vary by location and although we’re growing, we’re not everywhere yet! We currently host Field Trips at our Supercenter locations:

O2B Kids

Altamonte Springs (Orlando)

O2B Kids

Fleming Island (Jacksonville)

O2B Kids


O2B Kids


How to Book a Field Trip

Choose a Location & Contact a Fun Counselor

Pick a Date & Time

Choose Your Three Activities

Schedule Now


Do Chaperones have to pay?

We do NOT charge for chaperones! We invite Chaperones to participate in all activities with the students who are on the trip!

What happens if we arrive late?

If your group arrives late, we may have to adjust your schedule accordingly. Typically, we can shorten the length of an activity to accommodate. Sometimes, due to timing, we have to remove an activity all together. It all depends on when you arrive and what time you have to leave to get back to your school.

What ages can you accommodate?

Kindergarten through 8th grade, typically. It’s best when we group similar ages/grades together for activities the day of your trip.

What if we overpay?

If you arrive with a pre-cut check and have absences the day of your trip we have two choices: 1. We can request a refund from our Business Office. They will cut and mail a check to your school within 7-10 business days. 2. You can use the overage to order pizza for your group during the visit. We can assist you with ordering.

Can we reschedule our trip?

Rescheduling depends on availability. If you are unable to attend for ANY reason we suggest calling as soon as possible to check future availability.

Can we add specific activities to our trip?

We are more than happy to discuss certain learning goals you may have. IF we can accommodate, we sure will. Please let us know early in the planning process if this is something you’d like to discuss.
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How to join our O2B Kids Family

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