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The Right Preschool can set the Foundation for your Child's Academic Years.

We prepare your child for kindergarten success and make sure they have fun while doing it! Our play-based curriculum will ensure success for them in the future. At O2B Kids, we work hard to build independent, confident citizens of our world. Make O2B Kids your child's first school!


How to Choose the Right Preschool

We understand how important of a decision choosing a school for your child is. Our flip book goes into depth on how to make this all-important decision
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We’re Nationally Accredited!

Don’t let the love fool ya! We’re a school! In fact, every O2B Kids location is Nationally Accredited or in the process of becoming Nationally Accredited. The accreditation process ensures our schools deliver quality instruction using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices.
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The O2B Kids Difference

We Teach Kids to Think

Want to know a secret? Teaching children their colors, shapes, letters, letter sounds, numbers and how to count – that’s the easy stuff! It takes time and some repetition – but they’ll learn it all. They will even learn to read and write along the way. The real question is…will they learn how to think for themselves?

Will they learn how to make smart decisions and form their own opinions? Will they learn how to plan and problem solve and manage their emotions? Will they learn how to make friends, actively listen and ask questions? This is our focus. So don’t worry, we’ll make sure your kids learn their ABC’s and 123’s…but we’ll also teach them how to think!

So how do we do it? We give kids choice. We offer kids variety. We expose kids to a wide array of activities throughout the day. We also talk to kids. We ask meaningful questions and have real conversations. And this can start with your infant! Research proves that experiences wire the brain, and the more experiences the better. We’re building the foundation for a thinking brain…and we love it!

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Together, we’ll learn our ABC’s, 123’s, colors and shapes. We’ll learn to take turns, follow directions and make friends. We’ll learn to listen and ask questions. But, perhaps most importantly, we take time out of each day to put your kids in charge of their world and we teach them how to THINK and MAKE DECISIONS!

Think about it. Every single day…for the rest of your child’s life…your child will make decisions. Simple ones now…complex ones later. It takes skill, it takes confidence and it takes PRACTICE to be good at it. And this practice can begin at birth! These skills are called Executive Functions – the ability to plan, problem solve and control impulses. Helping to build independent, confident citizens of our world is our great joy. We invite your family to join us!
Let’s Get Started
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O2B Preschool Benefits

We Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten Success

Education begins at birth! You are your child’s first TEACHER! Make O2B Kids your child’s first SCHOOL!

COVID-19 Facility Safety Plan

  • 24 Step COVID-19 Facility Safety Plan
  • UV Light Purifiers in Every Building
  • Each child and staff member must pass the Daily Health Screening and Attendance Policy
  • High-Touch Disinfecting Using Hospital Grade Cleaners
  • Classroom Cleaning Using Sanitation Foggers
  • Smaller Group Sizes & Designated Classrooms
  • Active Use of Hand Washing, Social Distancing & Masks


  • Front Door Security
  • Staffed Reception Area
  • Video-Monitored Classrooms
  • First Aid & CPR Trained Staff
  • Federal & State Background Checks on All Staff
  • O2B University Teacher Development Program


  • In Business since 1998
  • Nationally Accredited Schools
  • Author of FD Education (Funnydaffer) – A School Readiness Curriculum Approved by the Florida Office of Early Learning & Department of Education
  • Operating Partner for the CHILD Center – An Early Childhood Model Demonstration Center in conjunction with the University of Florida's Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies


  • Proprietary Integrated Learning System
  • Play-Based Education Philosophy
  • Child-Directed Active Learning Centers in Every Classroom
  • Daily Teacher-Directed Literacy Lessons
  • Daily Outdoor Enrichment
  • Specialty Classes & On-Site Field Trips


  • Digital Communication through Honeycomb with Daily Reports, Special Moments, Pictures & Achievement Badges
  • Child Assessments
  • Parent Conferences


  • Infant, Toddler & Pre-K Programs
  • Voluntary PreKindergarten Program (VPK)
  • Parent Involvement Events
  • Guest Speakers & School Pictures


  • Early & Late Operating Hours
  • Full Time & Part Time Schedules
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • On-Line Parent Portal
  • Easy Cancellation
O2BKids O2BKids O2BKids
“Never forget how appreciated you are, the impact you are making and that what you do truly matters.”
Jenny M.
“It truly takes a village to raise a child. O2B Kids has been a beautiful part of our world since the birth of our two children. We are thankful for all the ways O2B has made a difference in our lives!”
Heather T.
“We both have elementary education and counseling degrees, and have a compassion and understanding for all that it takes to manage children and meet their physical & emotional needs. It can be exhausting and overwhelming! But EVERY person at your facility makes it look easy, natural & inviting! Thank you.”
Kelli & Troy Rumore
“As a mom of two children, just the idea of O2B Kids was awesome! That they could try different activities at ONE PLACE and PLAY TOO, was awesome! It was a dream for our family, and remained that way for 7 years!”
Tammie S.
“My sons both started at O2B Kids as soon as the Fleming Island location opened. They both learned more in the classrooms than at any other preschool we had attended. The curriculum was amazing and they had so much fun learning. The Fun Crew always had such positive attitudes! I loved knowing that my kids were in great hands when I brought them there.”
Gayle L.
“O2B Kids was such a positive influence on my children and family. I have found no other organization that supports activity, creativity and expression of children like O2B Kids! Our experience with O2B kids was life changing, influential, and irreplaceable.”
Donna M.
“I could go on for days about the love, patience & care that your team shows Noah. Literally, from the minute that he walked in the door! Actually, BEFORE, he walked in!!!! I was told that his teachers spent almost 2 weeks preparing the class for Noah’s special needs & concerns, and trained his classmates on the fears he may have & how they could help him manage and adjust! Thank you.”
Kelli & Troy R.
“When raising our two girls away from family, my husband and I agreed that they needed to attend a pre-school that provided a solid academic foundation and loving environment. When we walked into O2B, we felt that. Four months later, my husband encountered a life-altering medical condition. Though the girls' world was changing before them, O2B was their safe place. I knew when I dropped them off, those ladies were creating a foundation in academics, play, and emotion. Both thrived in the loving environment, and today are successful middle schoolers because of the foundation O2B provided.”
Christin M.
“O2B Kids was like family to our family! No matter what, they were there for us. They gave my kids a chance to build skills that aren't taught at most places. They teach them to grow independently.”
Rachel H.
“I’m proud to be an O2B parent and glad my 3 girls get to spend the day with your teachers. Keep up the good work. ”
A Very Happy Archer Road Parent
“Thank you for your patience and guidance with our daughter. She has grown socially and intellectually over the past few years with you all. I thank you for loving her through her growth and struggles, helping her with guidance through her developmental milestones, and problem solving for her to continue to improve behavior and strengths. I know you are on her side and will do all you can to help her continue to move through growth. I cannot thank you all enough. I am so thankful for you all and consider you a part of our family.”
Erienne B.
“It would be nearly impossible to work from home and take care of all 3 children. You have been an incredible home away from home for all of us for 7 years and we love you!”
A Proud Midtown Family
“Thank you for the amazing experience at O2B Kids Village North! When we arrived in Florida four years ago, we were full of fear of moving our one-year-old and four-year-old away from family and friends. Our Son entered VPK in 2016 and it was the start of a great chapter for our family! We were introduced to a loving staff and teachers, life long friends who have become family... a place we have always felt our children were safe and loved.”
The Silva Family
“Our hats are off to you! My family loves you and is thankful that you are in our lives. Thank you for all you do, and for all the families you help on a daily basis.”
A Happy Alachua Family
“As parents, grandparents, educators & foster parents, we know ONE thing for sure...each smile; each hug; each story; each “Hi, Noah”; each beanie-weenie; each “Good Morning “; each reference & greeting; every “atta-boy”; every moment of patience to help him rest at nap time...will ALL come together some day and make Noah the man he is meant to be! You see, when we adopted him, we were overwhelmed and discouraged at how to help him! I had to quit my job as a teacher, to have the time required to find out how to help our little guy. You have been put in our lives to partner with us as parents, and receive & love our sweet boy! We are more thankful than you’ll ever know because we acknowledge that every one of you have helped him overcome what we didn’t think was possible! He has gone from a nonverbal, uncontrollable, terrified & frustrated toddler, to an amazing little man. Thank you O2B Alachua, from the bottom of our hearts! ”
With love, Kelli
“Thank you for all you do! I return to work from maternity leave in less than two weeks and leaving my VPK and Infant littles has me so nervous. I know they’ll be in great care at O2B Kids!”
One Happy Mama
“I am soooo thankful for your love and support of our boy! He enjoys his days and tells us stories of what he has done in class. I am thankful for your hardworking with his potty training and his education. He is now singing his ABC's! I have heard him playing pretend teacher with a pointer and asking questions with positive reinforcement if I mess up. :) Thank you for your struggles and patience with him.”
Erienne B.
“I just want you and the entire team to know how appreciative we all are during these crazy times. Our main priority was keeping the kids lives as normal as possible and you and your amazing team did just that. Being there when we needed you while all our friends centers closed really stood out to us. Looking forward to creating many more memories with you all!”
Love, The Browne Family
“Hard days must happen at times, but from a parent’s perspective, we only see busy happy children and busy happy caregivers & teachers! You all operate as a family and that’s how I describe you to everyone! TRUST me...I am your BIGGEST fan! ”
Love & Sincerity, Kelli & Troy R.
“Every day my son gets dropped off he is excited and is so happy to see the staff come out and welcome him and talk to him! Oftentimes, at pick up my son will actually walk back to the door and knock to go in and play some more. It makes me feel like I've made the best decision regarding the care for my son. Thank you O2B Kids for making me feel so comfortable and confident in the facility that cares for my son throughout the week. ”
Kassie M. AKA Jordan's Mom!
“We struck gold with our teachers at O2B Kids! We are forever grateful for the wonderful program and the lifelong memories we have from your school!”
Charlie & Alexis S.
“I cannot fully put into words how fantastic my experience has been with O2B since moving to Gainesville in 2013! I have valued all of the relationships created and the experiences my girls have had! I really want to express how grateful I am for your amazing team. Thank you for everything!”
D. Bowie
“Thank you for your professional and thoughtful response to the COVID-19 situation. As a pharmacist, I am keenly aware of the potential dangers associated with this type of outbreak. I read your letter to families today and appreciate everything you are doing to keep our kids and their teachers healthy while allowing parents to work.”
An Archer Road Preschool Parent
“My little one loves it here! The Teachers are attentive and caring and the employees are too! Especially during the pandemic - the safety measures have decreased germ spreading! Even though it cost a bit more, I totally recommend this school.”
Laura P.R.
“I love everything about my kids being here! They are learning so much and they love their teachers! They are amazing! I wouldn’t want it any other way for them.”
Melissa M.
“My daughter has attended O2B Kids for two years. Everyone is very friendly! I wouldn't trust any other school to care for my child. ”
Maria S.
“My child loves VPK and the O2B Kids experience! The staff are all very friendly and attentive to us as parents as well as the children. ”
Natasha D.
“Your first child going to preschool is stressful enough as it is, but amidst a pandemic is even more so. From the first interaction I had on the phone with O2B I felt so comfortable and welcomed. I was assured multiple times that the staff was surpassing CDC guidelines in order to keep the children and staff safe. I love keeping up with my son via pictures and updates regarding his day! ”
Kassie M. AKA Jordan's Mom!
“The staff is very professional. Made us feel right at home! Wish I would have switched schools sooner!”
Christina N.
“O2B has been fantastic. I wish I had more kids to enroll! The Corporate Team is fantastic! Based on the experience of friends with kids at other schools, no other school remained as consistent during our pandemic. Teachers and staff are all so friendly, any apprehension I felt returning my son to care during Covid melted away within days. I would recommend you guys 100 times over!”
Astrid M.
“The success of a school is really all about the teachers: their professionalism, their friendliness, and their interactions with kids. I’ve been super impressed with the quality of teachers my son has had. Thank you!”
S. McLellan
“My daughter loves going to O2B Kids! The staff is always so nice and friendly and I can tell they really care about the kids.”
Camisha L.
“I enjoy seeing pictures of what my child is doing through out the day! My kid looks forward to going to O2B in the morning and every day they have exciting stories to share about what they learned! I'm very grateful we found such a caring place for our little one. The teachers and staff take great pride in the facility and getting to know the children that go there.”
Jamie K.
“Everyone is extraordinary!!!! We are very thankful for the love and quality care and education our son receives at O2B Kids in Alachua!”
Kelli R.
“I absolutely LOVE THESE UPDATES AND PICTURES I receive of my son!!! You all are the best school in Central Florida hands down!! I am blessed to have him at this school! ”
Whitney V.
“Everyone is so friendly, the curriculum is great, and we truly feel as though everyone loves our baby girl Madison! Our favorite part is receiving pictures throughout the day and seeing her smiling face when we pick her up. Her smiling face is a true sign of care within the program. Thank you O2B Kids Family!”
Alicia & Eric J.
“I am so happy to see the positivity that O2B Kids puts in my kids lives! They are progressing significantly since starting only a few months ago (June 2020).”
Stacey S.
“All 3 of my boys have attended O2B Kids Alachua. One still does! I don't know what I would do without them. There is no better feeling then dropping your kids off for a 9-10 hour day, knowing they are safe, happy, and loved. They love my children like there own. I could not ask for anything more.”
Christina C.
“Excelente, no tengo palabras para expresar el cambio en mi niño en tan solo 3 meses, ha aprendido bastante!!! El personal de la escuela es sumamente amable y las actividades para los niños son excelentes. Estoy encantada de pertenecer a esta familia!!!!!”
Francis B
“I love O2B Kid Village South! Having the feeling of comfort when dropping off your child is so important and I'm very grateful.”
Tayler M.
O2BKids O2BKids

Shopping for a School?

Look for the Four Qualities of a Great Classroom

Clear Expectations

Kids need to know the rules. They need to know what to expect. Whether a daily schedule is open and free or detailed and planned, great classrooms make their expectations clear to everyone.

Interesting Activities

Kids are in school to learn…and the best way to learn is through play! Every classroom learning center or teacher delivered lesson must be interesting to grab a child’s attention. In preschool, attention spans can be short so a rich variety of activities is essential.

Meaningful Conversations

A teacher’s job is to assess where a child is developmentally – and guide them to the next step in the learning path. Open-ended, meaningful questions help children think about their actions in a meaningful way and help them gain knowledge. The conversations we have with children are as important as the activities they participate in.

Response to Needs

Teachers are responsible for the physical, social and emotional well-being of their kids. Children may need hugs when they’re sad, food for a hungry belly, a suggestion to help solve a problem or assistance in the bathroom. A teacher’s job is to be there and respond when needed.


We Focus on the Long Term
Success of Your Child

Our Integrated Learning System Prepares Your Child
Academically, Socially & Emotionally

  • We Academically Prepare Your Child to Succeed in School

  • We Socially Prepare Your Child to Build Great Friendships

  • We Emotionally Prepare Your Child to Face Life Challenges


Model Demonstration Center

O2B Kids is the Operating Partner
in Collaboration with the University of Florida’s
Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies


O2B Kids is the operating partner for The CHILD Center for Early Learning – an early childhood model demonstration center located in Gainesville, FL.

In collaboration with the University of Florida’s Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies, O2B Kids serves as the day-to-day operating partner. In addition to providing high quality early learning for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, the center operates as a model demonstration center for teachers, researchers and policymakers to study and learn best practices in early childhood care and education. Operating as an independent non-profit entity, additional partners include the Southwest Advocacy Group (SWAG), the School Board of Alachua County, Head Start, the Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County and Alachua County’s Children’s Services Advisory Board.

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