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When children develop a pattern of grumpy days or problematic behavior in the classroom, it can be easy to fall in a rut and try the same methods over and over to help them. Sometimes, though, problem solving can take a little more creativity.   O2B Kids is preschool that has created its own integrated learning system that puts the child at the center of learning. Through child-directed play and teacher-directed learning, as well as a whole host of complementary activities, we’ve created a layered educational approach that provides children with an environment for exceptional learning and growing. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to deal with students who may be struggling in the classroom. Contact our preschool for more information today!   TIPS TO ADDRESS ISSUES WITH CHILDREN WHO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX   Address Boredom   Some kids can become bored quite easily. When children are bored, they can cause issues quite easily. If you suspect a child in your classroom is causing issues because of boredom, find creative ways to fill the gap. One way is to offer great books to read while others are finishing up projects. Another way is to keep that child engaged by encouraging them to ask questions and explore topics related to their interests.   Ask Open-Ended Questions   By prompting children who may be struggling in the classroom with questions to get them thinking not only about activities in the classroom, but also about their attitude and behavior, children may begin to realize why they are in a foul mood. Questions such as “what can you do differently?” or “how can you fix this?” are ways to get the child to come up with their own solutions to how they are feeling and behaving.   Institute a Reward System   It can be surprising how much children will work for and exhibit requested behaviors when there is a sticker, a book, a piece of candy, or some other treasure on the line. This is different than bribing children. Instead, you are instituting a reward-based system for what you wish to see in the classroom. Sometimes, it’s these little things that are just what children need for motivation.   GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR PRESCHOOL TODAY   Thinking outside of the box is a valuable skill to develop and foster in students. However, it can be problematic when the child is disruptive in class. Try taking time to analyze what it is the child is struggling with and, if they’re willing to talk about it, maybe try talking to the struggling child to get their perspective. Use this information to come up with a solution that helps both you and the student work together. The end goal is not to quelch out-of-the-box thinking, but to ensure it is done at appropriate times for the overall benefit of the classroom.    Our mission is to help children succeed in the world around them by following directions, respecting others, listening, and forming lasting friendships. Contact O2B Kids for more information on our preschool curriculum today!
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