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As a teacher, you have a big responsibility. After all, you are entrusted with the learning of the children in your classroom. It can be easy to lean more towards the serious side of teaching. While it’s great to take your responsibility seriously, you don’t want to get too caught up in your responsibility as a teacher that you forget to be yourself.   O2B Kids values all of our teachers and students as people. We value the uniqueness of our extended family and highly encourage our teachers and our students to be themselves in the classroom. There are many learning opportunities that can take place through the many talents and skills each human has. Below, we’ll go over some tips for teachers on how to be authentic in the classroom. Reach out to our Florida classroom to get started today!   TIPS TO BE AUTHENTIC IN CLASSROOM   Talk About Your Life   Everyone has a life outside of what happens at school, including teachers. Your students are probably curious what you do for fun or what you did over the weekend. By talking about your pets, your day biking the neighborhood, or the trip you took to your grandma’s house, your students will not only get to know you more and feel closer to you, but they will also share more about themselves, too. This fosters friendship and trust in your classroom.   Encourage Honesty and Caring   While you are most definitely the authority figure, you need to balance that with showing your students that you care about them and value them as people. When you are honest about how you are feeling or you are going through a rough time (perhaps you have a sick pet), you can show your students how to deal with their emotions, too. Encourage children to share what is happening in their life in an honest way, and you’ll show them just how much you care.   O2B KIDS VALUES AUTHENTIC TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN OUR CLASSROOMS   Just because you’re a teacher does not mean that you have to fit into a single mold of personality, interests, and teaching style – remember that there is no right way to do your job. Instead, encourage individuality in your students and in your classroom by being true to yourself and letting your own personality shine through. Not only will your students feel more connected to you as they get to know you, but they’ll also feel more open to be themselves with you and their peers.   At O2B Kids, we highly value and encourage our students to be themselves. Not only does this make your classroom fun and exciting, but your students will all learn how to get along with others and value their different ideas and opinions. It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that our job as teachers is to impart life-long skills and not just rote memorization of facts and knowledge. Be authentic, and your students will be too! To learn more, contact our preschool today!

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