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Don’t Forget to be Grateful For Your Students

While the events of the past year haven’t exactly been what many people would call fun, the pandemic and the changes teachers have made remind many to be grateful for their students. Taking the time to feel gratitude is proven to help people feel more positive, and can help you remember that your job as a teacher is making a difference in the lives of all the children you teach.   Here at O2B Kids, we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to partner with parents who entrust us with their childrens’ education. This is why we’ve developed an amazing preschool curriculum over the past 23 years that puts the child at the center of their own learning. In conjunction with teacher-directed lessons, on-site field trips, outdoor enrichments, and specialty classes, we believe we’ve found the key to enriching the lives of our students. Below, we’ll give tips for teachers on how to be more grateful for their students. Contact us to learn more today!   TIPS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR STUDENTS   For Their Wonder   Preschoolers have an eye on the world that we cannot recapture. They have not had the life experiences that can cloud judgement, cause us to build walls to protect ourselves, and can give us a pessimistic view of the world. Preschoolers remind teachers on a daily basis of just how wonderful and amazing the world around us truly is. They point out a butterfly that we would have ignored, and they wonder at being able to cut a straight line. A preschooler’s perspective is truly something to be grateful for.   For Their Innocence   For the most part, preschoolers can truly do no wrong. They are learning to cope with an imperfect world, and even when they mess up, it’s so innocent that it can be hard to discipline them. Preschoolers remind teachers that innocence is something to be embraced and celebrated and that being gentle when they mess up is a great gift you can give, too.   For Their Candor   It can be super adorable when a preschooler is blunt and says, “Teacher, you have something weird on your face.” Preschoolers don’t have a fully-developed concept of what is acceptable in polite society, so they can say the most forthright statement that you truly appreciate. Rather than let the dirt sit on your face as others would, preschoolers will tell you flat out that something is wrong. For this ability to be straight with you, gratitude is indeed warranted.   O2B KIDS IS A SAFE PLACE FOR STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS ALIKE   Established in 1998, O2B is a nationally-accredited preschool in Florida and Georgia that prides itself on being an inclusive environment where all children can learn and feel safe doing so. We encourage all of our students to spread their wings and soar, to have lofty goals, and to set steps in place to achieve them. Truly, our staff and our preschool teachers are grateful for every day we teach students. Reach out today!  

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