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Experiment In Class!

Most great discoveries in the world were made by trial and error. From the invention of Coke to Velcro, little tweaks have changed this world to be the modern era of convenience that we all enjoy today. Teaching has evolved over the centuries, too, in much the same way. Teachers have tried out ideas, discovered they didn’t work, and then they try a different idea. This experimentation can be used in your classroom to find what works for you and your students and to foster learning to boot!   O2B Kids thrives on experimentation inside the classroom. In fact, our curriculum was formed after testing thousands of lesson plans over 23 years until finally we found what works. We’ve called it Funnydaffer, and it’s a customizable preschool curriculum that fosters child-centric and teacher-directed learning that kids and teachers love. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how you can experiment in your classroom to foster learning and growth in your students. Contact our preschool to learn more today!   TIPS TO FOSTER EXPERIMENTS INSIDE YOUR CLASSROOM   Establish a Growth Mindset   When your students understand that taking risks is acceptable and is encouraged inside your classroom, they will feel confident to try out new ways of doing things. Each year brings a new set of children to your classroom, all individuals that will have different needs than your previous students. Make the effort to get to know them, their learning style, and then experiment with what works to find the optimal learning style for everyone.   Model Experimentation   We all know that modeling is a powerful teaching tool for children. Thus, when you have the attitude of always looking to try new things and striving for improvement in processes and teaching methods, your students will, too. There can always be a better way of doing something as we’ve seen with the introduction of technology to the classroom, which has improved learning immensely. Cultivate that attitude in your students with your example.   Ask Questions About Different Subjects   Another great way to experiment in the classroom is to incorporate different subjects. For instance, if children are interested in playing the piano or the guitar, or about sports and current events, find a way to incorporate those subjects and topics into your lesson plans. This can not only give kids ideas for learning, but it will foster the interconnectedness of school and life that can keep kids motivated to learn.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS TODAY   As your students explore and experiment, you should do the same! Nothing is ever set in stone, and changing up your teaching style, your materials, your focus, and even your classroom can help you find that one set up that just ‘clicks’ with your current students. As you get to know each group of students, adjust with them as they also get to know you, too, and you’ll be able to help them learn and grow even more. Contact O2B Kids to learn more today.  

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