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The 4 Dynamics of O2B Kids’ Child-Directed Play in Royal Palm Beach

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The Royal Palm Beach child care center provides a child-focused learning experience, emphasizing child-directed play as the best way to learn. Our child development experts carefully create an environment that allows children to explore and discover at their own pace while receiving support when needed. In addition, we strive to facilitate learning through creative problem-solving and collaboration with peers so that each child develops independence over time. Our Royal Palm Beach daycare provides resources and activities designed to foster physical, intellectual, social/emotional, and language development in every child who enrolls. Through these four play dynamics, we help cultivate essential skills for later success in school and life. Contact us today to schedule a visit at O2B Kids in Royal Palm Beach.

Specialty Classes

Toddlers, kids, and preschoolers all develop differently. So one of the best ways to keep them engaged and motivated is by giving them various experiences. Children need to explore new things and learn about new topics outside their routine to grow as individuals with diverse interests. O2B Kids in Royal Palm Beach offers a range of weekly specialty classes that add breadth and depth to the traditional school day. These unique offerings include creative movement, gymnastics, dance, yoga, music, drama, art, tech, sports, languages, and chess!

Teacher-Directed Lessons

Starting a child early with teacher-directed lessons is essential in child care. Children should be exposed to formal instruction in a fun and encouraging environment. Our Royal Palm Beach preschool teachers are experienced professionals who understand the importance of teaching foundational skills such as pre-reading, writing, math, and science in an age-appropriate way. Through teacher-directed lessons, our team provides hands-on learning opportunities for all students in the center.

Outdoor Enrichment

We believe play is essential for child development and growth, so we offer an outdoor enrichment program at our Royal Palm Beach child care center. Our well-equipped playgrounds provide plenty of space for children to run, jump and explore. We also introduce a variety of sports games and nature activities to encourage socialization, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and physical activity in each child.

On-Site Field Trips

Field trips to our sites help children explore and experience the world around them in a safe place. They can see, touch, smell, and taste things they can’t duplicate at home or through a standard school curriculum. Kids also learn to socialize with other kids and adults, supervised by caring staff. At our Royal Palm Beach location and all of our others, we strive to create a “third place” for children to visit each day outside of their homes and schools. While these visits vary based on which site they attend, options may include a trip to the Play Village or Gym Room, or perhaps we’d head outside to our Tinkering Lab or Vegetable Garden if weather permits. At O2B Kids in Royal Palm Beach, we strive to create a safe and supportive child care environment that encourages exploration and discovery. Our approach combines child-directed play with teacher-led instruction, outdoor enrichment activities, and onsite field trips to provide your child’s best possible learning experience. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our center!

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