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  • Art
  • Circle Time
  • Drama
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Music & Movement
  • Physical Fitness
  • Reading & Writing
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Themed Play
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Monday : 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday : 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday : 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday : 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday : 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

316 W Hwy 212
Norwood Young America, MN 55368

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This location is Preschool only

Phone Numbers 952-467-2610
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  • 1083642
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Norwood Young America

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We Believe in Kids!

Conveniently located near Minnesota Veterans Memorial Highway, Morse Street North and Yellowstone Trail.

Our School

Welcome to O2B Kids Norwood Young America, in Young America, Minnesota, serving Infants, Toddlers and PreK children!

Our school prioritizes your child's educational experience! Each of our classrooms is generously sized and fully equipped. Our centers are meticulously crafted to provide your child with all the tools necessary for play-based learning.

We can’t wait to partner with your family and prepare your child for Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Ready

At O2B Kids, your child's education goes beyond the alphabet and numbers. Our skilled educators foster holistic development, empowering children with critical thinking skills and autonomy.

Safe & Secure

We understand your child's immense value, which is why we prioritize their safety from the moment they step onto our premises. This commitment encompasses stringent security measures, including a reliable check-in/check-out system, teacher background checks, CPR and first aid certification, and frequent classroom sanitization throughout the day.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!

Interaction plays a crucial role in our program, focusing on teamwork, effective communication, and emotional awareness through engaging play and group tasks. Within our inclusive setting, we prioritize fostering enduring bonds between both students and educators.

Loving Environment

  • Love is at the root of O2B Kids! Our dedicated Fun Crew fosters a nurturing atmosphere and creates strong connections with both parents and students.
  • Honeycomb: You’ll receive daily photos of special moments and achievement badges through our parent communication portal, Honeycomb!

What families are saying about O2B Kids

Absolutely love them! The staff treats both my kids like their own. They are always so happy to see them. Their communication is amazing and retention rate of teachers is high. It is great to have such an amazing place for our kids to learn and grow!

Kayla K.

Having tried two other childcare centers, my family discovered them two years ago. Since then, they've been an invaluable part of our lives, nurturing and educating my three kids. The teachers and staff have seamlessly become an extension of our family, treating my children with the same care and love as their own. My kids feel safe and at home there. Academically, their impact has been remarkable, especially for my once-struggling Pre-K student who is now a confident, high-achieving elementary student. They offers a well-rounded educational experience for all ages. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any family seeking exceptional childcare and education.

Danielle G

We love them! We had originally enrolled our youngest in the infant room for a short period until there was a spot open where our oldest was at the time. In the short 3 months he was there we really grew to LOVE them… the facility, the communication, the other families, and especially the teachers. Once his spot opened at his big brother’s daycare, we were surprisingly sad to leave. We were really going to miss it. Fast forward just over a year later and we decided to switch BOTH our boys from the other daycare over here. Our oldest is in one of the preschool rooms, and our youngest now in one of the toddler rooms, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience, yet again. The teachers are all so friendly and welcoming, and they truly care about the kids. Communication is top-notch, and if we ever have questions, we can go to anyone and they are more than happy to help. Considering our boys spend more time there than at home, it is so important that they’re at a good place, and there is not a doubt in my mind that they are. Thanks!!

Adam E.

Children of Tomorrow (now O2B Kids) has been a marvelous experience for our family! We've loved it so much that even after moving to another city, we drive out of the way to Chanhassen. Both of our kids can't wait to go to school! It is apparent that the teachers care deeply for each student. Health and safety are made a priority and communication has always been excellent. We've also been impressed with the lack of turnover that is seen in many centers. The app makes it easy for working parents to keep track of their children's progress and activities throughout the day.

Katie S.

    O2BKids O2BKids

    What is O2B Kids?

    Learn about O2B Kids from Co-Founder and CEO, Andy Sherrard!


    We help parents grow their children to become responsible, respectful, future citizens of our world.

    Meet Our Super-Duper Fun Crew From All Over!

    O2BKids O2BKids O2BKids

    Mealtime Equals Nutrition & Learning

    We’ll Provide Your Child Well-Balanced Meals and Snacks

    We know that a healthy life starts with the nutrition we use to fuel our bodies, and it’s even more important for children! We’ll make sure to feed your little ones nutritious, delicious meals and snacks while they are with us so they can feel their best while learning and growing!

    Timed Just Right

    A consistent mealtime is key to keeping your child’s body energized and happy! We give children the consistency they need to thrive and ensure their overall well being.

    Nutrition is a Priority

    Learning isn't easy on an empty stomach! That's why our menu is designed to provide a wide variety of nutritious meals and snacks, full of all of the important vitamins and nutrients that will keep kids feeling happy and healthy all day long.


    All babies are unique! That’s why your infants' feeding schedule is set individually with each family and Teacher. Once it is developmentally appropriate and your baby is 6 months of age or older, infants may receive our O2B Infant menu.

    Healthy Choices

    We promote healthy choices for a lifetime by serving healthy foods and promoting learning through PLAY.

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

    Our schools serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to keep your child full and energized throughout the day! Our meals and snacks follow all Child Care Food Program’s meal pattern requirements.


    Tuition & Fees

    Preschool Tuition

    • Infant: $320
    • Freshman: $304
    • Tweenies: $304
    • Sophomore: $304
    • Junior: $250
    • Senior: $250
    • MultiAge: $250
    • Tuition is shown weekly but may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
    • Tuition must be set up for automatic payments using a checking account, debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)
    • We offer the following billing cycles: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
    • Tuition payments are evenly divided throughout the year based on your billing cycle
    • Free weeks or credits are not awarded for absences, school holidays, and scheduled or emergency closures
    • A 10% sibling discount is offered with the youngest child paying full tuition
    • There is an initial enrollment fee of $100 per child
    • We require a one-week written notice to cancel any O2B Kids enrollment

    Afterschool Tuition

    • Afterschool Only: $80
    • Before and Afterschool: $129
    • Tuition is shown weekly but may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
    • There is an annual enrollment fee of $100 per child
    • A 10% sibling discount is offered with the youngest child paying full tuition

    Summer Camp Tuition

    • Summer Camp: $250
    • Tuition is shown weekly but may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
    • A 10% sibling discount is offered with the youngest child paying full tuition
    • Weekly Summer Camp themes add exciting variety and adventure to your child’s summertime experience
    • A one-week notice from your scheduled billing date is required to change a camp reservation
    • Tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

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