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4 Classes That Your Kids Will Love at O2B Kids in Casselberry

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When it comes to child care and development, playtime is essential. Through creative play, kids can explore their interests, develop new skill sets, and identify what they enjoy most. And since playful learning allows children to discover things independently, it should be encouraged whenever possible. At O2B Kids in Casselberry, we understand the importance of playtime and have designed our program classes accordingly. Take a look at some of our courses that kids will love and learn more about our programs today!


In our art class, kids can explore their creativity and express themselves in various ways. We provide them with different materials to work with so that they can experiment and find what they enjoy most. Plus, they’ll take home their masterpieces at the end of each class!

Gymnastics Class

Kids love our gymnastics class because it’s a great way to get active and have fun at the same time. They’ll learn different techniques while gaining strength, coordination, and flexibility. Our classes are designed for all levels, too, so that everyone can join in on the fun!


Our youngest students love learning about popular science concepts like chemistry, physics, and biology. They engage in hands-on experiences through mini tinkering labs and learn by doing. This helps them develop analytical thinking skills and realize that making mistakes is how we grow! O2B Kids also fosters teamwork as children work together to solve problems, communicate better with each other and practice the scientific method.


Your child will develop fundamental sports skills and confidence at our sports camp. They’ll also build relationships, gain strength and stamina, become more flexible, and learn leadership skills — all while having a great time! Some key sports activities include: Soccer (K-13): Kids will learn great fundamentals regarding team-building skills and sportsmanship with our scrimmage games and lessons. Yoga (K-13): Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that aims for mental peace. Our yoga program will teach kids more about the value of controlled breathing with increased flexibility. Level-Up Fitness (K-13): Our level-up fitness program will help children gain the knowledge and muscle memory of what makes for healthy activities and living. These are only a few classes your kids will love at O2B Kids in Casselberry. But, no matter their chosen activity, they will have a blast while learning and developing new skills. Some of the benefits of our classes include the following: – Development of self-esteem – Social skills development – Improved physical fitness – Personal discipline – Respectful behavior Schedule a visit today to learn more about our programs and how we can help your child develop! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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