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4 Classes That Your Kids Will Love at O2B Kids in Lake City

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Kids learn an astounding amount through play. Creative learning has a vital role in childhood development, which is why it should be encouraged. Playful learning allows kids to explore and discover new things, try to figure out how things work, develop important skills, create in their own way, and keep trying new things until they find what they enjoy most. Our program calendar classes at O2B Kids in Lake City are a creative link to the development of self-esteem, social skills, physical fitness, personal discipline, and respectful behavior in every child. Contact us today for more information and keep reading to learn more about fun classes your child will love at O2B Kids in Lake City.

Drama & Music

O2B Kids offers drama and music classes that are open to all children in Lake City! Our programs build confidence and help kids shine on stage through activities such as creating scripts, picking costumes, decorating the set, and more. Children in our daycare and preschool programs will explore rhythm, pitch, volume, and tempo while enjoying singing and dancing to learn about artistic expression and discover their hidden talents.


Our preschool-aged students enjoy overviews of our most popular science concepts, like chemistry, physics, and biology while engaging in hands-on experiences through mini-tinkering labs and learning by doing. O2B Kids in Lake City helps children develop analytical thinking skills and learn that making mistakes is how we grow! They work together to solve problems and develop our communication skills while enforcing the elements of the Scientific Method.

Play Groups

O2B Play Groups at Lake City are for children aged between 1-5 and allow them to experience morning fun and learning. Morning Magic is designed to help children prepare for kindergarten by providing a high-quality curriculum in art, literacy, and gymnastics which your child can enjoy with you by their side. Kids will love learning the routine of the morning and the structure will set the stage for years of school fun and excitement.


Children in our gymnastics classes focus on the fundamentals and building strength, stamina, and confidence while practicing listening skills and having a lot of fun! Our recreational gymnastics classes are designed to help beginners learn skills like balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercise, vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, and rings. The developmental program in our classes will help your child improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, and discipline. They can also learn many essential skills, such as goal setting and teamwork.

Combining laughing, learning, and activity, O2B Kids in Lake City promotes a diverse array of classes and programs that create hands-on developmental opportunities for children to grow. These interactive environments provide ways for preschool-aged kids to exercise their bodies and minds while developing various social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Contact us today to learn about all of our classes and programs or to schedule a visit to Village North!

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