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We Are All Learning!

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There’s no question that being a parent is the most difficult task you will ever do. As such, no parent wants to fail at the most important job in their lives. Thus, sometimes it’s difficult to give yourself grace when you do mess up or you don’t know everything. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay not to know everything there is to know about parenting.    O2B Kids is a preschool with multiple Florida and Georgia locations to better serve you. We have spent the last 23 years developing and refining our proprietary, child-centered preschool curriculum for infants, toddlers, and pre-K. Our preschool teachers are highly-qualified and love the opportunity to impart knowledge and wisdom to your child on a daily basis. Below, we’ll go over ways you can give yourself grace as a parent. Contact our preschool for enrollment information or a tour today!   WAYS TO GIVE YOURSELF GRACE AS A PARENT   Stop Expecting Perfection   All parents mess up. That’s part of humanity. Whether you yell at your kids when you shouldn’t or you forget about something that is meaningful to your child, it can seem like every day there is something you regret doing. One of the best things you can do as a parent is stop expecting yourself to be perfect. You will mess up, but know that you are doing your best — and your child knows this as well.   Ask for Forgiveness   Asking for forgiveness for your mistakes from your child or just forgiving yourself can lighten your load and help to rid yourself of any guilt you may be experiencing due to your mistakes. There is no need to be carrying a feeling of guilt of being a “bad” parent. There is a lot of trial and error with being a parent and know that errors are just a part of it!   Recharge   One of the most important things you can do as a parent is care for yourself. Give yourself permission to take a break from the hub-bub of parenting. Go to the gym, walk the dog, or just read a book to recharge.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS FOR YOUR CHILD’S PRESCHOOL EDUCATION TODAY   Every parent is learning how to do their best, how to work with their child, and how to keep their unique family happy and healthy. Many parents have a lot of preconceived notions about what it means to be a parent, but when it comes down to the real thing, we are all just learning!   We are not perfect here at O2B Kids either. While we strive to do the best for your child, we do make mistakes, too. However, we do our best to fix them as quickly as possible and learn from them. Our preschool teachers have your child’s best interests at heart. They are caring, compassionate, and full of vitality to impart to your child every day.   If you are interested in enrolling your child at our preschool in Florida or Georgia, contact us for a tour or more information today!  

Remember to Breath

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No one has ever said parenting is an easy job. Sometimes your children are testing you on purpose or sometimes they just don’t know better, but when you find your patience running low, try to practice intentional breathing. Even just one or two deep breaths can help center you and provide the space you need to handle each situation the way you’d like to rather than from an unhealthy mindset.   O2B Kids is a preschool that offers a top-rated preschool program that focuses on ensuring your child is prepared to understand the world, succeed, and thrive in it. With our proprietary preschool program, your child will learn through play, experimentation, discovery, pretend, and so much more. We are excited to be your partner in your child’s early education journey. Below, we’ll mention some of the benefits of breathing when you lose patience with your child. Contact us to get started today!   BENEFITS OF BREATHING WHEN YOU LOSE PATIENCE   Gives You Time to Think   When you pause before you take immediate action, you have the benefit of taking a moment before you fly off the handle. You can think through what you’d like to say to your child with breathing exercises before you say things that you might regret. Plus, oftentimes, you’ll think of a better solution or correction than you would have in the heat of the moment. This is not only good for your relationship with your child, but it also helps your child to learn.   Gives You Time to Act   While many parents think that disciplining their children in the heat of the moment is the action they need to take, sometimes just stopping, breathing, and doing the unexpected, such as giving your child a hug or saying something nonsensical can diffuse your temper and get you and your child to laugh. While this won’t excuse any discipline that needs to be meted out, it will again give you extra time to plan your action.   Gives You Permission to Not Act   For many people, the best course of action is not to act in the heat of the moment when they are upset with their child. By giving yourself permission to breathe, you will be in a static position. You will also be modeling the correct behavior for your child. Remember the goal of discipline is instructive — you want to teach your child appropriate behavior.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS AS YOUR FLORIDA or Georgia PRESCHOOL OF CHOICE TODAY   We here at O2B Kids in Florida and Georgia understand that you have choices when it comes to choosing a preschool for your child. We also understand that this can be a very difficult decision. After all, you are choosing a partner who will help your child learn, grow, and thrive in this world. Our preschool does not take your trust in us lightly. We’ve hired and trained the best staff and offered the best early childhood learning environment. Learn more by contacting us or scheduling a tour today!

Write End-of-Year Notes

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The completion of the first year of preschool is a big event! If you think back to where students were at the beginning of the year and compare that to where they are now, odds are, you have seen growth that may be hard to imagine. From learning social skills and helping develop character traits to learning all about math, reading, science, and more, preschoolers have grown by leaps and bounds.   O2B Kids is apreschool with multiple locations that better serves our students. We offer a proprietary curriculum that centers around child-directed play. In addition, teachers direct lessons and our outdoor enrichment, speciality classes, and on-site field trips complete students’ education. Below, we’ll discuss some great end-of-year activities for teachers to help their preschool students celebrate their year. Contact O2B Kids in Florida and Georgia for more information today!   END-OF-YEAR TIPS TO HELP PRESCHOOLERS CELEBRATE THEIR SCHOOL YEAR   Write Little Notes   Help your students remember their school year and show them how proud you are of their accomplishment by writing little notes for them. One great idea is to make a special presentation and a cool format, such as a picture frame or something with your words on it to show how grateful you might be to have taught them for their first year of school. This can then be a great memento for your students to keep for years to come.    Plant a Seed   A great way to help your preschooler remember and celebrate the end of the school year is by planting seeds of some type, such as flowers or even a garden vegetable. This is a great memory to have since it’s a living memory. Every time the students water their plants over the summer and the coming year, they can remember their special time with you.   Summer Reading   One of the best gift ideas to send with your students as they head towards their next school year is a summer reading list and/or a book. This will help students retain their learning from the school year and have a special prize as well.   Food!   Everyone loves to eat, and what better way to celebrate your students’ success than with a party. From an ice cream bar to pizza, no matter what food you choose, your students will appreciate the end-of-year thoughts. Invite parents and siblings to join in the fun, too.   LEARN MORE FROM O2B KIDS IN FLORIDA and Georgia TODAY   Here at O2B Kids, we believe in child-centric learning and teacher-directed lessons to ensure our students are learning about themselves, others, and the world around them. The end of the school year is a special time, indeed. It’s a chance to reflect on the growth of students and look forward to what their next year of learning will bring. While it can be bittersweet, making crafts and items for your students is a special way to show you care. If you would like to learn more about our preschool or preschool curriculum, contact one of our Florida or Georgia locations today!

Use Books To Teach Social Skills

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  While books are obviously useful for many other subjects, using books to help your students learn social skills can be very helpful as well.    Here at O2B Kids, books are a big part of our preschool classrooms. In fact, if you visit one of our Florida early childhood learning centers, you may feel as if you are surrounded by books — which is the point! We believe that books hold the power to unlock imaginations and teach preschool children an immense amount about the world around them. This is not to mention how all of the other ways kids learn. Below, we’ll take a look at how you can use books to teach your students social skills. Contact us to learn more today!   TIPS TO USE BOOKS TO TEACH PRESCHOOLERS SOCIAL SKILLS   Choose Great Books   This may go without saying, but it’s a tip we needed to include. Choosing the right books to teach your preschoolers social skills is important. Start with books that you can read as a classroom and then encourage your students to read these books again either with one of their friends or in small groups to help them learn from one another and the book itself. Answer their questions and maybe even include an extra activity, such as making a cut out or even just printing out a complementary coloring sheet, to reinforce learning.   Ask Questions   Since children learn differently, it’s a good idea to reinforce the lesson that the book is trying to teach children. One great way to do this is to ask questions when you have finished reading the book. Questions such as: “What was your biggest lesson from this book?,” “How do you think this character feels?”, and “Was the character’s reaction to the situation the best?” are great questions to spark more conversation and increase the learning and impact on your preschool students.   Pack Your Library   Children are extremely resourceful, and at this age, they are like sponges, soaking up information wherever they go. When you pack your classroom’s library with great books, classic books, and books that teach lessons, such as social skills, children are able to pick up a book and learn on their own — even students who can’t quite read yet can follow the story through pictures.   O2B KIDS OFFERS IMMENSE VARIETY FOR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN   After 23 years of fine-tuning, O2B Kids has developed our Funnydaffer preschool curriculum. Here, we’ve combined everything that we know into a lesson plan that puts preschoolers first. Our child-centered and teacher-directed learning model has Florida parents jumping for joy and students loving every moment. With outdoor enrichment, on-site field trips, and specialty classes, such as gymnastics, art, science, technology, sports, and more, to complement our top-rated preschool curriculum, students are able to grow and thrive in a supportive environment.   We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to use books to help teach social skills. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with one of our Florida and Georgia preschools today!  

Address Issues with Outside the Box Thinking

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When children develop a pattern of grumpy days or problematic behavior in the classroom, it can be easy to fall in a rut and try the same methods over and over to help them. Sometimes, though, problem solving can take a little more creativity.   O2B Kids is preschool that has created its own integrated learning system that puts the child at the center of learning. Through child-directed play and teacher-directed learning, as well as a whole host of complementary activities, we’ve created a layered educational approach that provides children with an environment for exceptional learning and growing. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to deal with students who may be struggling in the classroom. Contact our preschool for more information today!   TIPS TO ADDRESS ISSUES WITH CHILDREN WHO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX   Address Boredom   Some kids can become bored quite easily. When children are bored, they can cause issues quite easily. If you suspect a child in your classroom is causing issues because of boredom, find creative ways to fill the gap. One way is to offer great books to read while others are finishing up projects. Another way is to keep that child engaged by encouraging them to ask questions and explore topics related to their interests.   Ask Open-Ended Questions   By prompting children who may be struggling in the classroom with questions to get them thinking not only about activities in the classroom, but also about their attitude and behavior, children may begin to realize why they are in a foul mood. Questions such as “what can you do differently?” or “how can you fix this?” are ways to get the child to come up with their own solutions to how they are feeling and behaving.   Institute a Reward System   It can be surprising how much children will work for and exhibit requested behaviors when there is a sticker, a book, a piece of candy, or some other treasure on the line. This is different than bribing children. Instead, you are instituting a reward-based system for what you wish to see in the classroom. Sometimes, it’s these little things that are just what children need for motivation.   GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR PRESCHOOL TODAY   Thinking outside of the box is a valuable skill to develop and foster in students. However, it can be problematic when the child is disruptive in class. Try taking time to analyze what it is the child is struggling with and, if they’re willing to talk about it, maybe try talking to the struggling child to get their perspective. Use this information to come up with a solution that helps both you and the student work together. The end goal is not to quelch out-of-the-box thinking, but to ensure it is done at appropriate times for the overall benefit of the classroom.    Our mission is to help children succeed in the world around them by following directions, respecting others, listening, and forming lasting friendships. Contact O2B Kids for more information on our preschool curriculum today!

Balancing Daytime Activities Infographic

Family Style Dining

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At school we make the time to sit together, like a family, and eat lunch. We talk about our morning, use our very best manners and enjoy different foods. We usually try everything on our plate. If there’s something we don’t like, we talk about it. If there’s something we love, we talk about that too! Sometimes we ask for seconds using manners and being polite. If there’s a spill, no big deal. We get what we need to tidy up and move right along. Maybe most importantly, we learn how to take turns. How to serve ourselves or  maybe serve our friend too. We talk about what we’re thankful for and what we look forward to next! Memories are often made when gathered around the table.    

Every Day We Should PLAY!

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O2B Kids director with student

Our Directors from Georgia were passing through Gainesville. They decided to stop at our Alachua Location to visit and most importantly, to PLAY! It’s moments like these that we’re reminded about what’s important! EVERY SINGLE DAY we should make time to play. To do something that matters to us. Try a new activity, do something different, explore, stretch the boundaries!