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You’re the Hero!

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Teachers have an awesome responsibility in molding the next generation that will determine the course of this nation and of history. Many teachers can feel overwhelmed with this responsibility, and even when they do a great job, they find it hard to give themselves credit.   O2B Kids ensures our preschool teachers understand how they are the heroes! Teachers are helping mold the minds of future generations and are incredibly valuable to society, children, and parents. Even if teachers don’t always feel it, their job day-in and day-out is making a positive impact on the future, and they are doing an amazing job with creating memorable experiences and preparing their students for the world! We support our preschool teachers 100% in this mission and ensure they know just how amazing they truly are. Below, we’ll go over tips on how to remember you are your students’ hero, even if you don’t feel like it. Contact one of our Florida or Georgia early childhood learning centers today!   HELPING TEACHERS FEEL LIKE THE HEROES THEY ARE   Teacher Appreciation Days   Having regular teacher appreciation days helps teachers remember what a difference they are making in the lives of their students. Ideas include having lunch catered for teachers once a month, having donuts brought in on Friday mornings, or giving out gift cards to their favorite coffee store for no reason in particular. Showing your teachers appreciation goes a long way to making them feel appreciated.   A Hug   Research shows that a hug can have actual physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Hugs help to reduce stress, make people feel loved and appreciated, and are downright nice to receive. They show a caring attitude that is hard to show any other way. By instituting “Hug Your Teacher” day, you can truly give your teachers a gift that they can’t get any other way.   Hand-Written Notes   In a day full of electronic communication, anything received that is hand-written shows a true appreciation and caring. Parents can send cards to teachers with lovely hand-written notes, and students can make cards, pictures, and letters that express gratitude to show teachers what an amazing job they do every day. Preschools can facilitate this by encouraging students to write small notes to their teachers, expressing their appreciation.   O2B KIDS IS A FLORIDA and Georgia PRESCHOOL THAT CARES   O2B Kids cares for our preschool teachers like family. We do everything we can to make them feel like the heroes they are, even if they don’t ask for it. After all, most teachers enter the field to make an impact on the next generation; they don’t teach for recognition or any other compensation. That being said, teachers are heroes in their students’ lives, and our preschool has many ways of showing this.   If you are interested in our Florida or Georgia preschool, get in touch today. We offer a unique and proprietary preschool curriculum that features child-directed play and teacher-directed lessons, as well as uses outdoor enrichment, specialty classes, and on-site field trips to give students the best start in life possible. Contact us today!

Don’t Forget to be Grateful For Your Students

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While the events of the past year haven’t exactly been what many people would call fun, the pandemic and the changes teachers have made remind many to be grateful for their students. Taking the time to feel gratitude is proven to help people feel more positive, and can help you remember that your job as a teacher is making a difference in the lives of all the children you teach.   Here at O2B Kids, we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to partner with parents who entrust us with their childrens’ education. This is why we’ve developed an amazing preschool curriculum over the past 23 years that puts the child at the center of their own learning. In conjunction with teacher-directed lessons, on-site field trips, outdoor enrichments, and specialty classes, we believe we’ve found the key to enriching the lives of our students. Below, we’ll give tips for teachers on how to be more grateful for their students. Contact us to learn more today!   TIPS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR STUDENTS   For Their Wonder   Preschoolers have an eye on the world that we cannot recapture. They have not had the life experiences that can cloud judgement, cause us to build walls to protect ourselves, and can give us a pessimistic view of the world. Preschoolers remind teachers on a daily basis of just how wonderful and amazing the world around us truly is. They point out a butterfly that we would have ignored, and they wonder at being able to cut a straight line. A preschooler’s perspective is truly something to be grateful for.   For Their Innocence   For the most part, preschoolers can truly do no wrong. They are learning to cope with an imperfect world, and even when they mess up, it’s so innocent that it can be hard to discipline them. Preschoolers remind teachers that innocence is something to be embraced and celebrated and that being gentle when they mess up is a great gift you can give, too.   For Their Candor   It can be super adorable when a preschooler is blunt and says, “Teacher, you have something weird on your face.” Preschoolers don’t have a fully-developed concept of what is acceptable in polite society, so they can say the most forthright statement that you truly appreciate. Rather than let the dirt sit on your face as others would, preschoolers will tell you flat out that something is wrong. For this ability to be straight with you, gratitude is indeed warranted.   O2B KIDS IS A SAFE PLACE FOR STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS ALIKE   Established in 1998, O2B is a nationally-accredited preschool in Florida and Georgia that prides itself on being an inclusive environment where all children can learn and feel safe doing so. We encourage all of our students to spread their wings and soar, to have lofty goals, and to set steps in place to achieve them. Truly, our staff and our preschool teachers are grateful for every day we teach students. Reach out today!  

Remember That Some Students Don’t Like the Spotlight

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One of the best things about being a preschool teacher is the fact that your students are unique. This makes teaching them not only a challenge, but a pure pleasure, as you can customize your teaching to their learning style. One thing to keep in mind with preschool students is that while some students are outspoken and love to help lead the classroom, others are not. They are the quiet ones who don’t like to speak up too much, and unfortunately, they can also be the ones who are overlooked since they are quiet and don’t cause trouble.   O2B Kids is a preschool with multiple locations throughout the Florida and Georgia. We have developed a proprietary preschool curriculum that is child-centered and teacher-directed. Our multi-layered educational approach caters to a variety of learning styles and impacts all students. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to support preschoolers who don’t like the spotlight. Connect with us online today!   TIPS FOR PRESCHOOL TEACHERS TO SUPPORT STUDENTS WHO DON’T LIKE THE SPOTLIGHT   Set Aside One-On-One Time   Quiet students are usually perfectly happy to go through their school day unseen and unheard. However, as teachers, we understand that even quiet students need attention and need help making their voices heard. By setting aside time to meet with quiet students on a one-on-one basis, you will give these students a safe place to express their views.   Ask Questions in a “Yes or No” Manner   During classroom discussion, quiet students should be given an opportunity to participate and have their voices, opinions, and stories heard, too. A great way to accomplish this is to ask questions to your quiet students that have short answers, such as “yes” or “no”, and are not open-ended. This allows them to participate but still feel safe doing so.   Give Them a Job To Do   Most preschoolers love to help out in the classroom. It makes them feel special and important when they can be the leader of the line or they can run to the office to retrieve a package. By giving the shy children in your classroom a job to do, you will help them to feel special, feel included, and feel as though they can support the entire class, even if they don’t like to speak up.   Assign Them a Helper   Oftentimes, shy kids partner with students who love to talk. This allows the other student to be the voice for the other child until they are ready to speak for themselves. Remember, you should never pressure shy students to speak up; this most likely will only have the opposite effect.   O2B KIDS IS A GREAT FLORIDA and Georgia PRESCHOOL   O2B Kids loves kids of all races, sizes, nationalities, color, gender, and personality. Everyone is unique, and this individuality should be embraced and supported, especially for preschoolers who are still trying to find their place in this world. At our Florida and Georgia early learning centers, we  provide that extra safe space that could make all the difference with students just learning how to interact with their peers and with teachers. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to one of our locations today!  

Write End-of-Year Notes

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The completion of the first year of preschool is a big event! If you think back to where students were at the beginning of the year and compare that to where they are now, odds are, you have seen growth that may be hard to imagine. From learning social skills and helping develop character traits to learning all about math, reading, science, and more, preschoolers have grown by leaps and bounds.   O2B Kids is apreschool with multiple locations that better serves our students. We offer a proprietary curriculum that centers around child-directed play. In addition, teachers direct lessons and our outdoor enrichment, speciality classes, and on-site field trips complete students’ education. Below, we’ll discuss some great end-of-year activities for teachers to help their preschool students celebrate their year. Contact O2B Kids in Florida and Georgia for more information today!   END-OF-YEAR TIPS TO HELP PRESCHOOLERS CELEBRATE THEIR SCHOOL YEAR   Write Little Notes   Help your students remember their school year and show them how proud you are of their accomplishment by writing little notes for them. One great idea is to make a special presentation and a cool format, such as a picture frame or something with your words on it to show how grateful you might be to have taught them for their first year of school. This can then be a great memento for your students to keep for years to come.    Plant a Seed   A great way to help your preschooler remember and celebrate the end of the school year is by planting seeds of some type, such as flowers or even a garden vegetable. This is a great memory to have since it’s a living memory. Every time the students water their plants over the summer and the coming year, they can remember their special time with you.   Summer Reading   One of the best gift ideas to send with your students as they head towards their next school year is a summer reading list and/or a book. This will help students retain their learning from the school year and have a special prize as well.   Food!   Everyone loves to eat, and what better way to celebrate your students’ success than with a party. From an ice cream bar to pizza, no matter what food you choose, your students will appreciate the end-of-year thoughts. Invite parents and siblings to join in the fun, too.   LEARN MORE FROM O2B KIDS IN FLORIDA and Georgia TODAY   Here at O2B Kids, we believe in child-centric learning and teacher-directed lessons to ensure our students are learning about themselves, others, and the world around them. The end of the school year is a special time, indeed. It’s a chance to reflect on the growth of students and look forward to what their next year of learning will bring. While it can be bittersweet, making crafts and items for your students is a special way to show you care. If you would like to learn more about our preschool or preschool curriculum, contact one of our Florida or Georgia locations today!

Balancing Daytime Activities

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The saying “work hard, play hard” is frequently used to refer to a work/life balance in someone’s life. Balance in life is key. You don’t want to work hard all the time and then suffer from burnout. Nor do you want to play hard all the time and end up accomplishing little with your career.   In the classroom, children thrive when daytime activities are balanced. For instance, you don’t want to pack your morning full of non-stop learning, such as mathematics, reading, and science, without a mental break. Nor do you want to play all morning and leave the hard subjects for the afternoon.   AT O2B Kids, we believe in a healthy balancing of daytime activities so children have time to process and absorb the information. We use child- and teacher-directed play and lessons intermixed with on-site field trips, specialist classes, and outdoor enrichment to balance your child’s day. Below, we’ll take a look at how to balance your daytime activities in your classroom. Learn more about our Florida preschool today!   TIPS TO BALANCE DAYTIME ACTIVITIES IN YOUR CLASSROOM   Mix Work and Play   We touched on this above, but it’s crucial that you mix times where children are working hard on their lessons with play. During play, children’s minds will process what they learned, so it’s ready for the next time they need to recall that information.   Be Flexible   There’s no doubt that children and adults thrive on routine. However, there will be times when you will need to break with routine for the benefit of the classroom. For instance, if you have a special guest speaker coming to your classroom and they are bringing animals for the children to see and/or pet, odds are, your kids will be distracted all day long until the guest arrives. In this case, it’s best to stick to lighter topics in school subjects, or even just turn the day into a review day.   Pay Attention to Physical and Mental Needs   Children experience highs and lows in their lives just like adults do, meaning some days they are focused and ready to learn and other days they are tired, distracted, or worried. It’s important to gauge the mood of the children in your classroom so that you can attend to individuals’ needs, too. Perhaps one of your children missed breakfast and is too hungry to concentrate. Or, maybe everyone just needs a down day. Don’t be afraid to alter your routine to be responsive to your classroom’s physical and mental needs accordingly. This teaches them the importance of self-care early on.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS AND OUR PRESCHOOL TODAY   While it may seem like preschoolers and young children are always bubbling over with energy and excitement, it is important to remember that they need balance and calm, too. Don’t forget to make time in their schedules for quiet, calming activities like reading, drawing, or even napping, so that they learn to give their little bodies rest and lay the foundation for self-care as they learn and grow. Contact one of our preschool locations in Florida or Georgia to learn more today!

Messy play is better then clean play!

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As a teacher it’s our job to encourage students to try new things. To open their minds and ask them to think outside the box. They may experience things in the classroom that they couldn’t do otherwise. Fall is the perfect time for exploring and getting messy! From pumpkin weighing to pumpkin painting and ultimately to the carving. The options are endless and we do it all in our classrooms! We make predictions and guesses and talk about how many seeds we think we’ll find. We think about what the seeds might taste like when they get oven baked. But, perhaps the most fun comes from the pumpkin guts. When we pop the stem off and cut open the top, WE GET MESSY! There’s shrieks of excitement as we prepare to explore and the students can barely contain themselves. We’ve done all the learning, now let’s get messy. We dive right in.  Touching, scooping, sorting, smelling, exploring all things pumpkin guts and goo! It’s quite possibly one of the most fun days in the classroom. The faces that get made, the moments of astonishment when we’ve counted to 50 and we’re still finding seeds… IT IS SO FUN! Every day we learn through play and when it’s messy play, we often even forget that we’re still learning!

Every Day We Should PLAY!

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O2B Kids director with student

Our Directors from Georgia were passing through Gainesville. They decided to stop at our Alachua Location to visit and most importantly, to PLAY! It’s moments like these that we’re reminded about what’s important! EVERY SINGLE DAY we should make time to play. To do something that matters to us. Try a new activity, do something different, explore, stretch the boundaries!