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Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem!

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Helping your little one develop their sense of self is important at all stages — it helps set them up for success in all aspects of life. Whether you’re just talking about their day at school or if you’re in the midst of a serious disciplinary discussion, it’s important to remember that your child develops their self-esteem through your eyes, first.    O2B Kids is a preschool with multiple locations in the Sunshine State and Georiga. We offer classes for infants, toddlers, and pre-K that each have their own tailored curriculum that we have developed. In addition, we offer an afterschool program for school-age children that features snacks, homework help, and specialty classes. Below, we’ll offer up tips for parents to help boost your child’s self-esteem. Contact us for enrollment information today!   TIPS TO BOOST YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM   Praise Your Child’s Effort, Not Just Them   Parents can make the mistake of overpraising their children. At this point, kids discount your words because they did nothing to earn your praise. This can set them up to never believe your praise in the future. Instead, praise your children when it is warranted, such as when they accomplish a task or help you around the house or yard. This will encourage them to keep striving to reach their goals.   Give Your Child Chores and Responsibilities   Having something to do gives your child a sense of place and purpose in this world. Plus, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, while they grow their skills. Simple chores like setting the table for dinner and making their bed before they leave for preschool can help to build confidence and give children a sense of control over their lives.   Show Unconditional Love   Children need to feel secure in order to grow up happy and healthy in this world. When you let your child know that you love them no matter what — even during difficult situations — they will have a healthy view of themselves and their place in this world. Let your child know that even though you don’t love their actions, you still love them.     Show Your Child How to Learn From Their Mistakes   All humans make mistakes; the difference in self-worth is learning from those mistakes, which is a skill that must be taught. Teach your child that every mistake is a learning opportunity — even mistakes that are behavior-based. This lets your child know that they can be better next time. Having room to grow only strengthens your child’s self-esteem   CHOOSE O2B KIDS FOR YOUR CHILD’S PRESCHOOL TODAY   O2B Kids offers convenient preschool locations near you. Our preschool teachers work diligently to ensure your children are taken care of in every way — mentally, emotionally, and physically. With our preschool curriculum, your child will thrive as they direct their own learning supported by our exceptional teachers.   If you would like more information on our Florida or Georgia preschool or our after school care programs and classes, reach out to one of our locations, and schedule a tour today!

Have a child who turns
4 years old this year?

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Here’s a How to Guide to Register for Your Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Voucher

All children are eligible for Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program or VPK. VPK is a free educational program that prepares 4-year-olds for kindergarten and beyond.  The child must live in Florida and be 4 on or before September 1 of the school year they wish to enroll.  Our O2B Kids Enrollment Specialist and Directors can help you register your child in our VPK, Prekindergarten Programs to get your child kindergarten ready today!  In order to get this free educational program you need to register for a voucher. This voucher entitles you to a free half day program for the 2022/2023 school year. If you need full day care, the voucher entitles you to a reduction in the full day tuition.  Simply follow these steps:  Apply: Visit the link to create an account – https://familyservices.floridaearlylearning.com/
  1. Enter Parent & Child data to Register your account. 
  2. Upload Proof of Residency – You will need ONE of the following; utility bill, bank statement, etc. 
  1. Upload Proof of Child’s age – You will need ONE of the following; birth certificate, passport, etc.
  1. Wait 7 to 10 days for processing of your application. You will receive an email from the local coalition when your voucher is ready.
  2. Print your VPK Voucher by logging back in to your account.
  3. Bring in your Voucher to O2B Kids to reserve your spot!
If you need assistance with uploading documents or have any questions, we are happy to help you!  

Approach Teaching Concepts from Multiple Angles

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We all have different learning styles, and most adults know exactly how they learn best. Whether you love to watch presentations or you are best with hands-on learning, you know how to learn effectively. However, preschoolers are still developing and really have no idea how they learn best. It is most definitely a process for teachers to discover their students’ learning style, but it is time well invested in order to ensure the success of each of your students.   O2B Kids is a preschool that has multiple locations throughout Florida. We’ve developed a well-rounded preschool curriculum that caters to all learning styles so that teachers have all the tools they need to approach teaching concepts from multiple angles. Below, we’ll explore these learning styles and how to tailor your teaching to your preschool students. Get in touch with a team member to learn more about our preschool and curriculum today! TAILORING YOUR TEACHING USING MULTIPLE ANGLES   Visual Learners   Visual learners learn best by seeing what you are talking about. This includes pictures, diagrams, writing out instructions, and so forth. Using the whiteboard and powerpoint presentations will be best for these students in your preschool classroom.   Auditory Learners   Many preschoolers are great listeners, and they learn best through hearing and through stories. They like to listen to you lecture, and they love to read outloud to themselves. These students are usually the talkers in your classroom. To accommodate their learning style, videos, music, and question and answer sessions are great.   Kinesthetic Learners   Kinesthetic, or tactile, learners love to feel and manipulate items and do things with their hands. Having manipulatives will be key, especially for subjects such as math, as well as ways for them to move while learning. Whiteboard and group activities are great for these preschool students.   Reading or Writing Learners   Here, the words on paper are key, and activities such as journaling their thoughts and activities and having reading centers and corners are great ways to engage these preschool learners.   O2B KIDS IS A FLORIDA PRESCHOOL FOR ALL TYPES OF LEARNERS   While you’re figuring out how to teach your group of students, they’re also figuring out how to learn from you. The best way to ensure that your students are learning the subjects and topics that you’re trying to teach them is to cover all your bases and teach the same thing in different ways. Some kids are more tactile learners, while others can grasp concepts with just a visual aid. Some don’t need physical or visual aids, but can learn simply through hearing about it. In sum, by teaching from multiple angles, you’re ensuring that you are setting all of your students up for success.   AT O2B Kids, we are entirely cognizant of the different learning styles of children, and we tailor our preschool curriculum to fit each student’s needs. When every angle is taken, children learn, thrive, grow, and retain the knowledge they will need to succeed. To learn more, contact our preschool today!  

Experiment In Class!

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Most great discoveries in the world were made by trial and error. From the invention of Coke to Velcro, little tweaks have changed this world to be the modern era of convenience that we all enjoy today. Teaching has evolved over the centuries, too, in much the same way. Teachers have tried out ideas, discovered they didn’t work, and then they try a different idea. This experimentation can be used in your classroom to find what works for you and your students and to foster learning to boot!   O2B Kids thrives on experimentation inside the classroom. In fact, our curriculum was formed after testing thousands of lesson plans over 23 years until finally we found what works. We’ve called it Funnydaffer, and it’s a customizable preschool curriculum that fosters child-centric and teacher-directed learning that kids and teachers love. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how you can experiment in your classroom to foster learning and growth in your students. Contact our preschool to learn more today!   TIPS TO FOSTER EXPERIMENTS INSIDE YOUR CLASSROOM   Establish a Growth Mindset   When your students understand that taking risks is acceptable and is encouraged inside your classroom, they will feel confident to try out new ways of doing things. Each year brings a new set of children to your classroom, all individuals that will have different needs than your previous students. Make the effort to get to know them, their learning style, and then experiment with what works to find the optimal learning style for everyone.   Model Experimentation   We all know that modeling is a powerful teaching tool for children. Thus, when you have the attitude of always looking to try new things and striving for improvement in processes and teaching methods, your students will, too. There can always be a better way of doing something as we’ve seen with the introduction of technology to the classroom, which has improved learning immensely. Cultivate that attitude in your students with your example.   Ask Questions About Different Subjects   Another great way to experiment in the classroom is to incorporate different subjects. For instance, if children are interested in playing the piano or the guitar, or about sports and current events, find a way to incorporate those subjects and topics into your lesson plans. This can not only give kids ideas for learning, but it will foster the interconnectedness of school and life that can keep kids motivated to learn.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS TODAY   As your students explore and experiment, you should do the same! Nothing is ever set in stone, and changing up your teaching style, your materials, your focus, and even your classroom can help you find that one set up that just ‘clicks’ with your current students. As you get to know each group of students, adjust with them as they also get to know you, too, and you’ll be able to help them learn and grow even more. Contact O2B Kids to learn more today.  

Be Authentic with Students

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As a teacher, you have a big responsibility. After all, you are entrusted with the learning of the children in your classroom. It can be easy to lean more towards the serious side of teaching. While it’s great to take your responsibility seriously, you don’t want to get too caught up in your responsibility as a teacher that you forget to be yourself.   O2B Kids values all of our teachers and students as people. We value the uniqueness of our extended family and highly encourage our teachers and our students to be themselves in the classroom. There are many learning opportunities that can take place through the many talents and skills each human has. Below, we’ll go over some tips for teachers on how to be authentic in the classroom. Reach out to our Florida classroom to get started today!   TIPS TO BE AUTHENTIC IN CLASSROOM   Talk About Your Life   Everyone has a life outside of what happens at school, including teachers. Your students are probably curious what you do for fun or what you did over the weekend. By talking about your pets, your day biking the neighborhood, or the trip you took to your grandma’s house, your students will not only get to know you more and feel closer to you, but they will also share more about themselves, too. This fosters friendship and trust in your classroom.   Encourage Honesty and Caring   While you are most definitely the authority figure, you need to balance that with showing your students that you care about them and value them as people. When you are honest about how you are feeling or you are going through a rough time (perhaps you have a sick pet), you can show your students how to deal with their emotions, too. Encourage children to share what is happening in their life in an honest way, and you’ll show them just how much you care.   O2B KIDS VALUES AUTHENTIC TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN OUR CLASSROOMS   Just because you’re a teacher does not mean that you have to fit into a single mold of personality, interests, and teaching style – remember that there is no right way to do your job. Instead, encourage individuality in your students and in your classroom by being true to yourself and letting your own personality shine through. Not only will your students feel more connected to you as they get to know you, but they’ll also feel more open to be themselves with you and their peers.   At O2B Kids, we highly value and encourage our students to be themselves. Not only does this make your classroom fun and exciting, but your students will all learn how to get along with others and value their different ideas and opinions. It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that our job as teachers is to impart life-long skills and not just rote memorization of facts and knowledge. Be authentic, and your students will be too! To learn more, contact our preschool today!

Remember: Humor Can Be a Tool!

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We all love to laugh. In fact, laughter is known to have many health benefits, including improving your mood, relieving stress and tension, improving your immune system, and increasing blood flow in the body. Teachers are entrusted with imparting important information to students that they will then use throughout their lifetime. While this is a serious job with a lot at stake, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh every now and then.   Here at O2B Kids, we love to laugh and have fun alongside our students. We make serious subjects light-hearted when needed, and we incorporate funny faces in math and magical lands in our circle time. Below, we’ll take a look at ways to incorporate laughter inside your classroom. Reach out to one of our team members to learn more today!   TIPS TO INCORPORATE HUMOR INSIDE YOUR CLASSROOM   Laugh at Yourself   As the teacher, students look to you to set the mood and tone of your classroom. When you keep things light-hearted and laugh at yourself when you make a mistake or do something silly, the students will do the same thing. Don’t be hard on yourself for mistakes; instead, point them out so your students can see that mistakes can be fun, too!   Tell or Read Funny Stories   A great way to lighten up the mood inside your classroom is to tell or read funny stories. Odds are, children will remember these teaching moments the most. Authors such as Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein offer many light-hearted stories that also teach great morals and values to children. Try reading one of their stories on days you all need a good laugh.   Incorporate “Silly” Days at School   Children love to dress up and pretend to be other people or live in other worlds. By using children’s imagination, you can add humor to your classroom by creating special days. For example, pajama day is usually always a hit because students can feel relaxed at school. Funny hat day or mismatched sock day gives students a chance to show their style, talk about themselves, and laugh at what they themselves or others come up with. You can even use this as a learning opportunity by incorporating historical lessons on hats and dress, too.   CREATED HUMOROUS ADVENTURES FOR YOUR STUDENTS EVERY DAY   Teaching can be a serious career – after all, you have a large responsibility of teaching the future generations about the world and life to prepare them. However, it doesn’t have to be all seriousness, all the time – it’s important to have fun with it! Try to remember to make light of things when they go wrong in the classroom, laugh off any mishaps, or make a difficult concept or subject more interesting by using humor.    Our early education center understands that having fun and laughing makes learning more meaningful and children will retain more of what they learned throughout the day when they are having fun. To get started, contact our preschool today!

Refer To The Routine

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Routine is extremely important in both children and adults’ lives. It gives one a sense of purpose and meaning as you go about your day accomplishing tasks that hopefully help you meet your life’s goals. Having a routine in the classroom is important to keep your kids on track for learning, too.   O2B Kids is a preschool that fosters child-directed play as we help your child understand the world around them. Our mission is to prepare your child for kindergarten, life, and to be a productive member of society — and it begins early! Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons routine is important for your classroom. Contact us for enrollment information today!   WHY ROUTINE IS IMPORTANT IN YOUR PRESCHOOL   Keeps You On-Track   As you’ve most likely experienced, without a plan for your day, time can fly by as you get busy doing tasks or distracted by tangents. Before you know it, the day has passed, and you only got a fraction done of what you needed to get done. By sticking to a classroom routine, you’ll cover all of the subjects you need to, which is important for your students’ learning.   Easier for Students to Learn   Not only do humans thrive on routine, but our brains learn better with patterns. When you teach math, spelling, and English every day at the same time, childrens’ brains expect this period of time and are better able to absorb the information that you share. This leads to more learning retention and a better attention level, too.   Saves Classroom Time   As you know, it can take a lot of time for students to prepare for their next activity. Whether they are headed outside for recess or they are finding their pencil, math book, and ruler, waiting for kids to gather their things can add up to a decent portion of your day. When your students know what is coming next, they can make these transitions smoother without losing valuable learning time.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS FOR YOUR PRESCHOOL OF CHOICE TODAY   Consistency can be helpful to everyone, not just your students. Keep yourself on track with the day and more focused by creating a routine that not only helps your students learn and play, but also allows for time where you can complete things that you need done — whether that’s paperwork during quiet play for the kids or a few moments to yourself during recess. It’s essential that you take time for yourself when needed.   O2B Kids can’t wait to offer students our tried-and-true proprietary learning curriculum that we’ve named Funnydaffer. This amazing early childhood learning curriculum is offered at all of our Florida and Georgia locations. We have developed a great routine that children can come to expect that is centered around times of student and then teacher-directed learning with plenty of outdoor time, play, and rest mixed in. Discover our differences, our mission, our values, and what everyone is talking about at our preschool today!