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Foster Responsibility

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It’s important to foster responsibility in children at an early age. Here at O2B Kids, an early education center in Florida and Georgia, we believe in community service and giving back to our communities. We focus on holistic teaching that grows your child in every way besides academically. Below, we’ll offer some tips on how to foster responsibility from a young age. Get in touch today!

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Give Them Tasks To Do

Teach your child about responsibility not only by telling him or her about it, but also by giving them small tasks that are their own to take care of! Starting off early with little tasks, like making sure everyone has a napkin during meals, or matching socks from the laundry while you fold. As they grow, continuing to give your child their own responsibilities, such as organizing toys, helping with chores around the house, and then eventually giving them their own chores, will help foster a sense of responsibility and will help your kiddo better understand what it’s like to be a part of a community.



Let Them Help You

Sure, it probably takes longer to clean the house or wash the dishes with your preschooler helping you, however, teaching them to help early on will save you hours of headache when they are able to do the tasks themselves when they are older.



Show Them How It’s Done

Just telling your child how to do something is often not helpful. You have to show your child how tasks are done by doing it with them at first. Teach them how to pour a glass of milk themselves or put laundry in the dryer for you.



Praise Them Always

Even if your child messes up a task, praise them for trying. This will teach them that the attempt is much more important than the result. Worry about the results later on.



Fostering responsibility can be tough, which is why O2B Kids comes alongside parents to support them in their education of their children, including the importance of the greater good and helping others. To get started, contact one of our early education centers in Florida or Georgia today!