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Hand Washing Starts Early

Post time: 2:19 pm

Though we’ve all been hearing about hand washing for a very long time now, it doesn’t hurt to remember that it’s important to practice hand washing at home with your child. O2B Kids offers a top-rated infant, toddler, and preschool curriculum at our early childhood centers in Florida and Georgia. Below, we’ll offer tips on how to start hand washing early with your child. Schedule a tour today!

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Try Using Music

Try using a song, like the alphabet, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” or another familiar tune to help your little one remember how long they should be washing their hands.



Show by Doing

It’s helpful if you wash your hands alongside your child. This way, you can show them all of the steps, how to get a great soap lather, and for how long they should wash their hands for.



Buy Fun and Special Soaps

Young children love items in their favorite shapes, so if you buy fun soaps that resemble animals they love or their favorite Disney characters, they will be more likely to use them. You can make these soaps just for your child to use, which makes them special, too.



Gently Remind Your Child When Need Be

Young kids forget things fairly quickly, and it takes time to make things a habit. Gently remind your child when need be to wash their hands, and be prepared to help, too.



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