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How O2B Kids in Durbin Creek Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten Success

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The curriculum at O2B Kids in Durbin Creek is designed to help kids learn and develop the skills they need for kindergarten. This includes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development as well as language and literacy skills. Our preschool staff comprises teachers who are experts in early childhood education and share a moral compass that consistently guides our environment with care, love, and respect. Keep reading to learn more about how O2B Kids in Durbin Creek prepares children for kindergarten success and contact us today to schedule a visit!

Language Development

Our first task is to help your child formulate language and label their world. As vocabulary develops, we have the exhilarating challenge of explaining how our world works, and our teachers introduce new songs, stories, and picture books to stimulate word recognition and articulation. At O2B Kids in Durbin Creek, we discuss science and nature, health and nutrition, professions and job duties, letters, and numbers to help connect the dots.

Independence Skills

Children begin to learn essential independence skills at this age, so classrooms at O2B Kids in Durbin Creek are set up to provide many opportunities for self-initiated repetition that instills a feeling of success in each child. At O2B Kids in Durbin Creek, we teach independence skills by focusing on how to do things without adult oversight or parental assistance. We also provide a lot of hands-on learning opportunities such as physical education classes and playing outside so kids can learn how to do things for themselves.

Social Awareness

Communicating and interacting with peers is crucial for children to be successful throughout their time in kindergarten. Although the concept of sharing begins to develop, classrooms at O2B Kids in Durbin Creek provide duplicate materials and toys which helps avoid conflict among young toddlers. This builds concepts of taking turns, fairness, and communal learning that help create an understanding of shared experiences and mutual growth.


Movement, extra movement, and even more movement are part of every day at O2B Kids in Durbin Creek. Whether the focus is on large muscle groups and outside play, or small muscle groups used to paint, build, or put together puzzles, your child is actively engaged by our caring staff. With a curriculum that includes outdoor enrichment, specialty activity classes, and a focus on learning through play, children are always encouraged to engage with their surroundings to deepen their understanding. Research proves that experiences wire the brain, and the more experiences the better. At O2B Kids in Durbin Creek, we’re building the foundation for a thinking brain to prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Contact us today to get started or to schedule a visit!

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