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Independence is Great!

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While it is important to create a family identity as a whole, remember to also leave space for each family member to have an individual identity. Not every family member feels the same and likes the same things, and the same goes for your kids! O2B Kids offers a top-rated infant, toddler, and Pre-K curriculum in Florida and Georgia. Learn more about how to encourage independent activities, and schedule a visit today!

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Try New Things

Oftentimes, children don’t know what they are interested in, so encouraging them to try new activities helps them to discover their likes and dislikes. Allow them to enroll in classes that you maybe would not like, but they might love.

Be Supportive Of Their Activities

If your child expresses an interest in a certain activity, you can actively encourage it by helping them to find ways to do that activity. For example, if they like soccer, enroll them in a local recreational league or find an indoor soccer facility near you.

Don’t Force the Activity

If your child tries an activity and then doesn’t like it, don’t force them to continue to do it. While emphasizing the idea of commitment is important, you also need to be aware of turning them completely against trying other new things in the future.

Be Wary of Offering Your Opinion

You can discourage your child from participating in activities with your words. While it’s good to be involved, you want to be careful about your opinion on the matter. Encourage but don’t judge.


Reminding them that they’re welcome to pursue their own interests individually as they grow will help them create an individual sense of self that can help them build a more confident future. By encouraging each other as a family to do things individually as well as together, your bond as a functioning family will grow even stronger! O2B Kids offers a proprietary Integrated Learning System that puts child-directed play at the center. To learn more about enrollment in our early education centers in Florida and Georgia, contact us today!