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Loving Reminders

Post time: 2:51 pm

As parents of preschoolers, it can be hard to remember to praise your children when you spend all day telling them what not to do. However, the benefits of positive affirmations and reminders of how amazing they are have eternal repercussions. O2B Kids is an early learning center in Florida and Georgia. Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of positive loving reminders for your children. Enroll today!


Boosts Their Confidence

If you believe your child can do something, they are more likely to believe it, too. This improves their self-confidence immensely, and you’ll notice them tackling tougher problems on their own as they grow up, too.


Improves Their Inner Dialogue

We all have an inner dialogue that runs through our heads when decisions need to be made or tasks need to be handled. By equipping your child with wonderful sayings of how great they are and how they can accomplish anything, you’ll be setting them up for success when the times get tough ahead.


Helps Counter Society’s Negativity

As much as we want to shelter our children from the world’s evils, we can’t be with them every step of every day. By telling your children how wonderful, beautiful, and amazing they are, this will help counter the negative treatment they will ultimately receive in their walk through life.


Builds Resilience and Perseverance

Most of us have faced times in our lives when all we want to do is give up. Your child will face that, too, and it is in these moments where success is born. Your positive words can make all the difference down the road when they are looking for encouragement and motivation in achieving their dreams.



Don’t forget to remind your kiddos how amazing they are – when they hear from you about how smart, beautiful, brave, strong or capable (or all of the above) they are, they’ll have more confidence and be more resilient if someone tells them otherwise. O2B Kids offers an amazing preschool curriculum that offers amazing positivity into their daily lives. Call to learn more about our early childhood education centers today.