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Notice the Good

Post time: 2:03 pm

Disciplining a child doesn’t always have to mean that you only speak up when they’re being bad! Make sure that you also take the time to ‘catch’ your kid while they are doing something good! Just a quick word of praise, like “Good job” or “Thank you for doing that!” can work wonders in helping your child remember to do the right thing. O2B Kids offers infant, toddler, and preschool programs in Florida and Georgia. Continue reading for more great tips on how to notice the good your child does. Contact us today!

Catch Yourself Before You Criticize

It’s probably second nature to you to correct your children. Now, you’ll have to train yourself to pause before you do and instead turn it around and say something in the affirmative rather than the negative.

Be Specific

When looking to catch your child doing good, you need to be very specific. For example, say “I loved how you made your bed this morning without me asking,” rather than just saying “thanks for helping me around the house.”

Make Praise Immediate

If you say your praise immediately after the action, you’ll make a bigger impact on your child. They are more likely to both remember your praise and repeat the same action again.

If You Run Out of Praise, Say “I Love You” Instead

Busy parents can often forget to tell their children how much they love them. Sometimes, all you need to say is “I love you” in order to lift your child up.


The mission of O2B Kids is to offer your child a research- and evidence-based curriculum that supports a holistic methodology of learning. We teach cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills each and every day so that your child will learn and grow to make a positive impact on their communities. Tailored for your child’s age, you can rest assured that each and every day your child will be affirmed in a safe environment. To schedule a tour, get in touch today.