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Share the Floor

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Everyone, no matter how big or small, has a voice, and letting your children state their own opinion can help them learn and develop their own voice and opinions as they grow. By ‘sharing the floor’ with your child and providing them the opportunity to chime in on anything – from family matters to simple dinner choices – you will help your child build their own voice and learn to think critically about conversations with others. O2B Kids is dedicated to helping your children at our preschool not only learn foundational knowledge, but also how to think for themselves. Below, we’ll go over some tips on how to let your child develop their own voice. Contact one of our Florida or Georgia early education centers today.

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Let Them Answer For Themselves

Oftentimes, others will speak to your children, and it’s easy for you to answer for them. However, by letting them answer for themselves, you’ll be letting their voice shine bright.



Have Meaningful Discussions

When you talk about meaningful things with your child and encourage them to tell you what they think, they will realize their voice and opinion do have value. Asking open-ended questions allows your child to speak even more.



Ask Their Opinion on Family Decisions

When making a decision that affects the whole family, it can be good to ask your child their opinion, too. This makes them feel like a valued member of the family, as well as props up their self-esteem.



Teach Every Opinion Matters

Opinion sharing also provides many learning opportunities to teach your kids about being open to opinions that differ from theirs and to have civil discussions with others.



O2B Kids is a play-based early childhood education center that partners with parents to help their children grow into happy and successful adults. We promote having an open mind and foster discussions on a daily basis. We help to develop social skills and offer plenty of ways for them to discover themselves. If you would like to schedule a tour of one of our Florida or Georgia preschools, call us today!