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A Graduation to Remember!

This year our Preschool Graduations were different. We weren’t sure how to make them memorable for our students and families but KNEW that we just had to! They had all worked SO hard this year and had so much to celebrate! They needed to be proud of their accomplishments and “show the world” that they were Kindergarten ready! After much deliberation, we decided to host a “Buzz By Graduation!” Socially distanced, students and families in vehicles, dressed their best and having a GREAT time! There were decorated sidewalks, purple tents, cheers from Teachers, and even a few tears! Balloons were blowing, banners were hung, horns were honking, it was quite a sight! We were VERY pleased with the participation and turn out from our families. How very special for the students?! There were over 1,000 diplomas, tassels, student portfolios and treats from the teachers given to Graduates that day, at more than 20 of our schools! They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are so thankful that our families trust us to be a part of theirs!

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