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We all have different learning styles, and most adults know exactly how they learn best. Whether you love to watch presentations or you are best with hands-on learning, you know how to learn effectively. However, preschoolers are still developing and really have no idea how they learn best. It is most definitely a process for teachers to discover their students’ learning style, but it is time well invested in order to ensure the success of each of your students.   O2B Kids is a preschool that has multiple locations throughout Florida. We’ve developed a well-rounded preschool curriculum that caters to all learning styles so that teachers have all the tools they need to approach teaching concepts from multiple angles. Below, we’ll explore these learning styles and how to tailor your teaching to your preschool students. Get in touch with a team member to learn more about our preschool and curriculum today! TAILORING YOUR TEACHING USING MULTIPLE ANGLES   Visual Learners   Visual learners learn best by seeing what you are talking about. This includes pictures, diagrams, writing out instructions, and so forth. Using the whiteboard and powerpoint presentations will be best for these students in your preschool classroom.   Auditory Learners   Many preschoolers are great listeners, and they learn best through hearing and through stories. They like to listen to you lecture, and they love to read outloud to themselves. These students are usually the talkers in your classroom. To accommodate their learning style, videos, music, and question and answer sessions are great.   Kinesthetic Learners   Kinesthetic, or tactile, learners love to feel and manipulate items and do things with their hands. Having manipulatives will be key, especially for subjects such as math, as well as ways for them to move while learning. Whiteboard and group activities are great for these preschool students.   Reading or Writing Learners   Here, the words on paper are key, and activities such as journaling their thoughts and activities and having reading centers and corners are great ways to engage these preschool learners.   O2B KIDS IS A FLORIDA PRESCHOOL FOR ALL TYPES OF LEARNERS   While you’re figuring out how to teach your group of students, they’re also figuring out how to learn from you. The best way to ensure that your students are learning the subjects and topics that you’re trying to teach them is to cover all your bases and teach the same thing in different ways. Some kids are more tactile learners, while others can grasp concepts with just a visual aid. Some don’t need physical or visual aids, but can learn simply through hearing about it. In sum, by teaching from multiple angles, you’re ensuring that you are setting all of your students up for success.   AT O2B Kids, we are entirely cognizant of the different learning styles of children, and we tailor our preschool curriculum to fit each student’s needs. When every angle is taken, children learn, thrive, grow, and retain the knowledge they will need to succeed. To learn more, contact our preschool today!  

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