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Balancing Daytime Activities

The saying “work hard, play hard” is frequently used to refer to a work/life balance in someone’s life. Balance in life is key. You don’t want to work hard all the time and then suffer from burnout. Nor do you want to play hard all the time and end up accomplishing little with your career.   In the classroom, children thrive when daytime activities are balanced. For instance, you don’t want to pack your morning full of non-stop learning, such as mathematics, reading, and science, without a mental break. Nor do you want to play all morning and leave the hard subjects for the afternoon.   AT O2B Kids, we believe in a healthy balancing of daytime activities so children have time to process and absorb the information. We use child- and teacher-directed play and lessons intermixed with on-site field trips, specialist classes, and outdoor enrichment to balance your child’s day. Below, we’ll take a look at how to balance your daytime activities in your classroom. Learn more about our Florida preschool today!   TIPS TO BALANCE DAYTIME ACTIVITIES IN YOUR CLASSROOM   Mix Work and Play   We touched on this above, but it’s crucial that you mix times where children are working hard on their lessons with play. During play, children’s minds will process what they learned, so it’s ready for the next time they need to recall that information.   Be Flexible   There’s no doubt that children and adults thrive on routine. However, there will be times when you will need to break with routine for the benefit of the classroom. For instance, if you have a special guest speaker coming to your classroom and they are bringing animals for the children to see and/or pet, odds are, your kids will be distracted all day long until the guest arrives. In this case, it’s best to stick to lighter topics in school subjects, or even just turn the day into a review day.   Pay Attention to Physical and Mental Needs   Children experience highs and lows in their lives just like adults do, meaning some days they are focused and ready to learn and other days they are tired, distracted, or worried. It’s important to gauge the mood of the children in your classroom so that you can attend to individuals’ needs, too. Perhaps one of your children missed breakfast and is too hungry to concentrate. Or, maybe everyone just needs a down day. Don’t be afraid to alter your routine to be responsive to your classroom’s physical and mental needs accordingly. This teaches them the importance of self-care early on.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS AND OUR PRESCHOOL TODAY   While it may seem like preschoolers and young children are always bubbling over with energy and excitement, it is important to remember that they need balance and calm, too. Don’t forget to make time in their schedules for quiet, calming activities like reading, drawing, or even napping, so that they learn to give their little bodies rest and lay the foundation for self-care as they learn and grow. Contact one of our preschool locations in Florida or Georgia to learn more today!

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