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The most powerful influencer on any child’s life is their parents. This is because they spend so much time with them, they care for them, and they emulate them. Actions are powerful, so what you do as a teacher has a powerful influence on your students as well.   O2B Kids is a preschool with locations all throughout Florida and Georgia . We adopt a child-centric approach, along with teacher-directed lessons, on-site field trips, outdoor enrichment, and specialty classes to help prepare students for the world around them. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how you can be curious alongside your students. To learn more, visit our website today!   TIPS FOR TEACHERS TO BE CURIOUS ALONGSIDE THEIR STUDENTS   Model Curiosity   As mentioned above, when you’re curious, your students will be, too. You can do this through thinking aloud when teaching. For instance, starting sentences with, “I wonder if” or “I wonder how” are great ways to spark children to think through complicated questions. Another great way is to try something new in the classroom.   Ask Questions   By encouraging your students to ask questions when they don’t know or understand something, students will be prompted to learn more. And then that can snowball into understanding a deep concept and “a-ha” moments that then give children a sense of accomplishment. As a teacher, you can ask questions, too, and show your students that you don’t know everything and may have to do some digging to find out.   Encourage Experimenting   The greatest inventions in the world took years and thousands of experiments to get the answer right, from Thomas Edison and his lightbulb to the x-ray machine by Wilhelm Roentgen. Some people might call this tinkering, too. By exploring materials and what they can do, or writing down ideas, students can see that ideas and answers come by exploring the world around them.   Question The World   In addition to asking questions, questioning how and why things work lead to other discoveries, too. Children inherently believe what they are told. As they age, they learn that not everything they hear is correct, especially if they are relying on the internet for their facts. By teaching students to be open-minded, ask questions, and be skeptical of things and ideas, you’ll teach them not only to be curious, but to be open-minded, too. Just think: Galileo and Steve Jobs were natural-born skeptics about how the world worked.   LEARN MORE ABOUT O2B KIDS TODAY!   Remember, of course, to always be curious alongside your students! The children are in your classroom to learn and grow and get ready for higher levels of schooling, so by showing them that curiosity leads to new, exciting discoveries, you’re helping them develop their own interests and curiosity of the world around them. Try a new kid-friendly science experiment, let your students suggest new classroom reading or activities, and learn alongside them to really get them involved and excited about learning. To learn more about O2B Kids’ philosophy on learning, visit our website today!  

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