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Don’t Forget to Try Science!

There is always so much to teach preschoolers that it can be overwhelming. From instilling the foundation of phonics and literacy to enhancing character development and social skills, science is a subject that can easily be pushed to the wayside.   At O2B Kids, a preschool with multiple locations in Florida and Georgia, science is a part of every day. We are well aware that research shows that by the age of 7, children will already have developed a positive or a negative attitude towards science, so we want to influence them positively early on! Below, we’ll list some of the reasons why you shouldn’t forget about science in your preschool curriculum and schools, and contact us to learn more today!   THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE IN PRESCHOOLERS’ EDUCATION    Enhances Preschoolers’ Natural Desire to Understand the World   As a teacher, you know that preschoolers can ask endless questions in their quest to understand the world around them. Science helps explain what children observe in nature and in their lives and offers them a real-world way to explore and learn. Preschoolers will have a positive view of science when they see how it can be used to answer their questions.   Helps to Instill the Scientific Process   The scientific process of forming a theory, testing it, and drawing conclusions is not only fundamental to science, but this method applies to everything we learn. Teaching children the process of asking a question, coming up with a way to test it, and then seeing which is right will serve them well throughout their entire learning years and life.   Helps with Tactile Learning   Preschoolers love to use their hands (and, to be frank, to get dirty, too!), and what better way to help kids with motor development and satisfy this desire than with science! From digging in the ground to discover earthworms to observing honey bees and butterflies and then drawing conclusions based on observations, science is fun, engaging, and solution-oriented.   Science is Everywhere   Since science is key to how the world works, from the apple falling off the tree to the rising and setting of the sun, it’s important to explore science as you see it. For teachers, looking for science in everyday activities reinforces its importance to the world around.   REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE IN YOUR PRESCHOOLERS’ DAY   It can be easy to focus on social skills, building motor skills, and other topics of interest for little ones while you’re teaching them so young, but try not to forget about teaching science to your preschoolers! Not only is science an interesting subject that provides a lot of opportunities for fun ‘experiments’, but teaching your students the basis of science by introducing these concepts early on in their education can help prepare them for kindergarten and their future school years beyond.   O2B Kids incorporates science activities into the daily school day for preschoolers. From exploding volcanoes and real lava to catching grasshoppers and watching how they move, we introduce children to the wonders of the world around them. To learn more, contact one of our Florida or Georgia preschool locations today!  

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