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Children are born with a vivid imagination that naturally involves pretend play. They create worlds in their minds and then live them out in their world, often using items such as dolls, trees, pets, nature, or other objects. From princess tea parties to knights of old, preschoolers love to pretend and make-believe.   O2B Kids is a preschool in Florida and Georgia that fosters pretend play in everything we do. Our early childhood learning center is child-centered with teacher-directed lesson plans that allow our students to learn life lessons and have fun doing so. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to make time for pretend play in your preschool classroom. Contact us to learn more today!   TIPS TO INCORPORATE PRETEND PLAY INTO YOUR PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM   Invest in Puppets   Puppets are fun any way you slice it (even for adults!). Puppets give preschoolers a jumping-off point in order to create stories in their heads that they then can act out with puppets. Puppets also foster social activities as multiple kids can play together and work as a team to craft a cool story.   Act Out Lessons   Many lessons can be tailored to be acted out instead of just lectured about. History and science especially have great tales of adventure and heroics that kids can get creative and play with. For example, if you are talking about the ancient Egyptians (a time-period most preschoolers love), you can act out how their daily life and even craft tales around people from those times.   Go On Adventures   Everyone loves adventures, and creating these in your classroom along with your lessons is another great way to reinforce learning, pretend, and creativity. For example, if you are talking about animals, send your students on a safari where they discover new peoples, new animals, and learn how each lives.   Join In the Fun!   Preschoolers love when their teachers participate with them in activities. One of the easiest ways to incorporate pretend play into your preschoolers’ day is to play with your students. You can either structure it, or let them come up with an idea. The sky’s the limit with imagination!   PRETEND AND CREATIVITY GOES HAND-IN-HAND WITH OUR PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM   Studies have shown that pretend play can help develop language skills, social skills, creativity, and more. Making time for pretend play, whether it’s just among the students, or even a teacher-guided pretend activity (like puppet shows or ‘theater’) can really help make a positive impact on your students’ learning. Ensuring that they have time while learning for fun and creative activities can help your preschoolers feel more comfortable and confident in your classroom — and that’s the key to learning!   O2B Kids offers an amazing preschool curriculum to our students in Florida and Georgia. We’ve developed our own preschool curriculum after 23 years of experience that puts child-directed play at the forefront. Complemented by teacher-directed lessons, outdoor enrichment activities, and on-site field trips, we believe we’ve found the perfect preschool curriculum for students everywhere. To learn more, contact our early learning center today!

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