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It’s times like these, when the going gets tough, that the tough JUST GET GOING. Our families have sprung into action to provide essential services for those in need. While at the same time, we have been able to offer essential services so they can do jobs without worry about care for their family. We have never really thought of ourselves in this light. We always BELIEVED education was important, but didn’t necessarily categorize ourselves as essential. That has all changed. When we heard the Governor speak recently and then saw the list of “essential services” allowed to provide at this time. We were on that list. Childcare providers, teachers, educators, are all ESSENTIAL.

We are grateful to do what we do. To be there for families who need us, for children who need normalcy while their worlds are anything but. One of our families reached out, in writing, to thank us. To let us know about the difference we are making for them at this time. Handwritten notes seem to be a thing of the past, but they are making a comeback. Receiving a note like this from a family of ours, is heartwarming. It’s actually more than heartwarming, it’s game changing.

Thank you.

We are grateful for you.

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