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Routine is extremely important in both children and adults’ lives. It gives one a sense of purpose and meaning as you go about your day accomplishing tasks that hopefully help you meet your life’s goals. Having a routine in the classroom is important to keep your kids on track for learning, too.   O2B Kids is a preschool that fosters child-directed play as we help your child understand the world around them. Our mission is to prepare your child for kindergarten, life, and to be a productive member of society — and it begins early! Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons routine is important for your classroom. Contact us for enrollment information today!   WHY ROUTINE IS IMPORTANT IN YOUR PRESCHOOL   Keeps You On-Track   As you’ve most likely experienced, without a plan for your day, time can fly by as you get busy doing tasks or distracted by tangents. Before you know it, the day has passed, and you only got a fraction done of what you needed to get done. By sticking to a classroom routine, you’ll cover all of the subjects you need to, which is important for your students’ learning.   Easier for Students to Learn   Not only do humans thrive on routine, but our brains learn better with patterns. When you teach math, spelling, and English every day at the same time, childrens’ brains expect this period of time and are better able to absorb the information that you share. This leads to more learning retention and a better attention level, too.   Saves Classroom Time   As you know, it can take a lot of time for students to prepare for their next activity. Whether they are headed outside for recess or they are finding their pencil, math book, and ruler, waiting for kids to gather their things can add up to a decent portion of your day. When your students know what is coming next, they can make these transitions smoother without losing valuable learning time.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS FOR YOUR PRESCHOOL OF CHOICE TODAY   Consistency can be helpful to everyone, not just your students. Keep yourself on track with the day and more focused by creating a routine that not only helps your students learn and play, but also allows for time where you can complete things that you need done — whether that’s paperwork during quiet play for the kids or a few moments to yourself during recess. It’s essential that you take time for yourself when needed.   O2B Kids can’t wait to offer students our tried-and-true proprietary learning curriculum that we’ve named Funnydaffer. This amazing early childhood learning curriculum is offered at all of our Florida and Georgia locations. We have developed a great routine that children can come to expect that is centered around times of student and then teacher-directed learning with plenty of outdoor time, play, and rest mixed in. Discover our differences, our mission, our values, and what everyone is talking about at our preschool today!

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