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Remember: Humor Can Be a Tool!

We all love to laugh. In fact, laughter is known to have many health benefits, including improving your mood, relieving stress and tension, improving your immune system, and increasing blood flow in the body. Teachers are entrusted with imparting important information to students that they will then use throughout their lifetime. While this is a serious job with a lot at stake, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh every now and then.   Here at O2B Kids, we love to laugh and have fun alongside our students. We make serious subjects light-hearted when needed, and we incorporate funny faces in math and magical lands in our circle time. Below, we’ll take a look at ways to incorporate laughter inside your classroom. Reach out to one of our team members to learn more today!   TIPS TO INCORPORATE HUMOR INSIDE YOUR CLASSROOM   Laugh at Yourself   As the teacher, students look to you to set the mood and tone of your classroom. When you keep things light-hearted and laugh at yourself when you make a mistake or do something silly, the students will do the same thing. Don’t be hard on yourself for mistakes; instead, point them out so your students can see that mistakes can be fun, too!   Tell or Read Funny Stories   A great way to lighten up the mood inside your classroom is to tell or read funny stories. Odds are, children will remember these teaching moments the most. Authors such as Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein offer many light-hearted stories that also teach great morals and values to children. Try reading one of their stories on days you all need a good laugh.   Incorporate “Silly” Days at School   Children love to dress up and pretend to be other people or live in other worlds. By using children’s imagination, you can add humor to your classroom by creating special days. For example, pajama day is usually always a hit because students can feel relaxed at school. Funny hat day or mismatched sock day gives students a chance to show their style, talk about themselves, and laugh at what they themselves or others come up with. You can even use this as a learning opportunity by incorporating historical lessons on hats and dress, too.   CREATED HUMOROUS ADVENTURES FOR YOUR STUDENTS EVERY DAY   Teaching can be a serious career – after all, you have a large responsibility of teaching the future generations about the world and life to prepare them. However, it doesn’t have to be all seriousness, all the time – it’s important to have fun with it! Try to remember to make light of things when they go wrong in the classroom, laugh off any mishaps, or make a difficult concept or subject more interesting by using humor.    Our early education center understands that having fun and laughing makes learning more meaningful and children will retain more of what they learned throughout the day when they are having fun. To get started, contact our preschool today!

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