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Remember to Breath

No one has ever said parenting is an easy job. Sometimes your children are testing you on purpose or sometimes they just don’t know better, but when you find your patience running low, try to practice intentional breathing. Even just one or two deep breaths can help center you and provide the space you need to handle each situation the way you’d like to rather than from an unhealthy mindset.   O2B Kids is a preschool that offers a top-rated preschool program that focuses on ensuring your child is prepared to understand the world, succeed, and thrive in it. With our proprietary preschool program, your child will learn through play, experimentation, discovery, pretend, and so much more. We are excited to be your partner in your child’s early education journey. Below, we’ll mention some of the benefits of breathing when you lose patience with your child. Contact us to get started today!   BENEFITS OF BREATHING WHEN YOU LOSE PATIENCE   Gives You Time to Think   When you pause before you take immediate action, you have the benefit of taking a moment before you fly off the handle. You can think through what you’d like to say to your child with breathing exercises before you say things that you might regret. Plus, oftentimes, you’ll think of a better solution or correction than you would have in the heat of the moment. This is not only good for your relationship with your child, but it also helps your child to learn.   Gives You Time to Act   While many parents think that disciplining their children in the heat of the moment is the action they need to take, sometimes just stopping, breathing, and doing the unexpected, such as giving your child a hug or saying something nonsensical can diffuse your temper and get you and your child to laugh. While this won’t excuse any discipline that needs to be meted out, it will again give you extra time to plan your action.   Gives You Permission to Not Act   For many people, the best course of action is not to act in the heat of the moment when they are upset with their child. By giving yourself permission to breathe, you will be in a static position. You will also be modeling the correct behavior for your child. Remember the goal of discipline is instructive — you want to teach your child appropriate behavior.   CHOOSE O2B KIDS AS YOUR FLORIDA or Georgia PRESCHOOL OF CHOICE TODAY   We here at O2B Kids in Florida and Georgia understand that you have choices when it comes to choosing a preschool for your child. We also understand that this can be a very difficult decision. After all, you are choosing a partner who will help your child learn, grow, and thrive in this world. Our preschool does not take your trust in us lightly. We’ve hired and trained the best staff and offered the best early childhood learning environment. Learn more by contacting us or scheduling a tour today!

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