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Set Realistic Goals – Even in Survival Mode

In the midst of a pandemic, teaching can seem like a daunting task, and it’s very reasonable for many people, especially those handling children, to go into survival mode. However, taking the time to remind yourself that you are capable and worthy of meeting your goals is still necessary! Not only will it help you feel more productive, but it will also help you feel better in general.    O2B Kids understands how the pandemic has impacted our students and our preschool teachers. We’ve taken every step we can to make this time in history easier. Below, we’ll take a look at how you can set realistic goals in the midst of adversity, and contact our Florida and Georgia preschool to learn more today!   TIPS TO SET REALISTIC GOALS IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITY   Know Where You Are   Take the time to realize where you are and how much you’ve accomplished. It can seem like you aren’t moving forward when setbacks occur repeatedly. However, your students are learning despite the environment outside of the classroom, and it’s important to acknowledge that and to realize you are not working in vain.   Consider the Emotional Toll   The emotional toll of uncertainty can be overwhelming on both students and teachers. Humans thrive on routine knowing what to expect, and in the pandemic, things can change on a dime. Furthermore, uncertain times can make planning difficult, as well as pivoting at a moment’s notice. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and to do your best to cope. For preschool teachers, seeking professional help may be in order. Realizing your students are struggling, too, gives you both common ground to stand on.   Be Patient Above All Else   In a stressful outer environment, humans can internalize this and it can manifest itself in unhealthy ways. As a preschool teacher, it’s important to be lenient, gentle, and patient with your students knowing they are struggling, too.   Invest in Self-Care   Most people can’t operate for too long when their cup is half-empty. You’ll need to work slowly to restore your cup to full, and one of the best ways to do so is to invest in self-care. Taking breaks is essential for creativity, productivity, and good mental health. The small things such as taking a moment to refill your water bottle, walk to your colleagues room down the hall rather than chat them online, and take the time to be grateful for all that you have will go a long way to feeling like you’ve accomplished your goals.    O2B KIDS IS HERE FOR YOU   O2B Kids has weathered the pandemic right alongside our preschool teachers, staff, and students. We’ve adapted, offering more online resources for parents and students. We’ve opened up our hearts to our community and helped in any way we can with resources, advice, and support. In fact, we believe our community has become stronger and closer during these times, and that we’ve met our goals in terms of learning and growing. We look forward to continuing to adapt and grow alongside our staff, teachers, and students.   If you are interested in learning more about our preschool program, contact one of our Florida and Georgia locations for more information today!  

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