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There is something special about putting your thoughts down on paper. It gives you time to process your thoughts, think about events that happened throughout your day or life, and then evaluate them. Truly, you can learn a lot from writing and journaling in particular.   At O2B Kids, we’ve developed a preschool curriculum that we offer in our Florida and Georgia early learning centers that is child-centered and teacher-directed. Through play, we believe kids learn everything they need to know as they journey through life, from social skills to knowledge. Below, we’ll examine the benefits of journaling with your preschool students. Contact us to learn more today!   BENEFITS OF JOURNALING WITH YOUR PRESCHOOL STUDENTS   Process Feelings   Preschool kids cry and throw tantrums in part because they find it difficult to communicate their feelings. Writing down these feelings or even just drawing them out can be very useful for small children. It helps them process it, and in the process, you can offer helpful advice as you examine their work. Plus, it calms children, giving them more time to express their feelings in a productive manner.   Improve Writing Skills   Just like any skill, the more time you spend doing it, the better you get. Thus, the more opportunities your preschool students have to write, the better they will become — even if they are just writing simple sentences or words. By crafting a great journal book for them to collect these writings, they will be able to see their improvements over the course of the year.   Improve Literacy Skills   Anytime preschool children have the opportunity to work with words, their literacy skills will grow. As children write in their journal, they will be working on writing out letters and sounding out words. They can then read back what they wrote, improving their reading and comprehension skills.   Learn to Love Writing   Many children struggle with writing when they are young, and they continue to do so as they progress throughout school. By instilling the habit now of regularly writing and making it fun learning by encouraging drawing in their journals, making cut-out crafts, and even pressing flowers, preschool kids will become better and will learn to love writing. Plus, when you journal alongside your students, they will see how much you love it, too, and soon it may become a favorite activity you can share together!   STAY CONNECTED AT O2B KIDS TODAY   Journaling can be a great way to reconnect with your inner thoughts and really center yourself, and the same goes for preschoolers, too! Help them learn how to journal by guiding a ‘make-your-own’ session where you can craft journals with stapled or tied-together papers, and then set aside time every day to let them write in it. Building the skill for journaling will not only help your students as they grow, but that quiet writing time could be useful for your own journaling or paperwork!    At O2B Kids, we foster learning environments that are informative, productive, and healthy for both our students and our teachers. If you are interested in learning more about preschool and curriculum, reach out to us today!

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