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Teachers have an awesome responsibility in molding the next generation that will determine the course of this nation and of history. Many teachers can feel overwhelmed with this responsibility, and even when they do a great job, they find it hard to give themselves credit.   O2B Kids ensures our preschool teachers understand how they are the heroes! Teachers are helping mold the minds of future generations and are incredibly valuable to society, children, and parents. Even if teachers don’t always feel it, their job day-in and day-out is making a positive impact on the future, and they are doing an amazing job with creating memorable experiences and preparing their students for the world! We support our preschool teachers 100% in this mission and ensure they know just how amazing they truly are. Below, we’ll go over tips on how to remember you are your students’ hero, even if you don’t feel like it. Contact one of our Florida or Georgia early childhood learning centers today!   HELPING TEACHERS FEEL LIKE THE HEROES THEY ARE   Teacher Appreciation Days   Having regular teacher appreciation days helps teachers remember what a difference they are making in the lives of their students. Ideas include having lunch catered for teachers once a month, having donuts brought in on Friday mornings, or giving out gift cards to their favorite coffee store for no reason in particular. Showing your teachers appreciation goes a long way to making them feel appreciated.   A Hug   Research shows that a hug can have actual physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Hugs help to reduce stress, make people feel loved and appreciated, and are downright nice to receive. They show a caring attitude that is hard to show any other way. By instituting “Hug Your Teacher” day, you can truly give your teachers a gift that they can’t get any other way.   Hand-Written Notes   In a day full of electronic communication, anything received that is hand-written shows a true appreciation and caring. Parents can send cards to teachers with lovely hand-written notes, and students can make cards, pictures, and letters that express gratitude to show teachers what an amazing job they do every day. Preschools can facilitate this by encouraging students to write small notes to their teachers, expressing their appreciation.   O2B KIDS IS A FLORIDA and Georgia PRESCHOOL THAT CARES   O2B Kids cares for our preschool teachers like family. We do everything we can to make them feel like the heroes they are, even if they don’t ask for it. After all, most teachers enter the field to make an impact on the next generation; they don’t teach for recognition or any other compensation. That being said, teachers are heroes in their students’ lives, and our preschool has many ways of showing this.   If you are interested in our Florida or Georgia preschool, get in touch today. We offer a unique and proprietary preschool curriculum that features child-directed play and teacher-directed lessons, as well as uses outdoor enrichment, specialty classes, and on-site field trips to give students the best start in life possible. Contact us today!

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